"If you want to play on our course, you have to follow our rules"

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If we don't conform to the rules of the people we want to trade with, they will make it difficult for us to trade.

Observe what I actually said.

Who are you going to trade with? America? Egypt? You will have to conform to their rules, no matter who it is. You won't be able to sell them unapproved pharmaceuticals, or non compliant electrical goods, or polluting cars. Obviously.

Especially if you want to provide Financial Services (which UK does want)
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The same thing happened when I wanted to put a stall in Darlington market without paying, and without conforming to trading standards.

People keep telling me I have to pay, and I have to follow rules.

I never knew that.

Did you?

Best you take yer stall to a car boot sale then :LOL: