20 Jul 2020
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United Kingdom
Hi, So I was called out to a customers house today, they were complaining of no water to their bathroom cold taps, after some investigation I found a mouse lodged in the cold pipe that feeds the bathroom from the tank.
I removed the mouse and found its head was missing presumably sucked further down the pipe, I tried emptying the system and running a hose to the bath tap and pushing water back through to the tank to remove the blockage(it was a bungalow so no worry about the header tank pressure being more than the mains which was coming in at 3.5 bar) but nothing would go through.

What else can I try?
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I would guess it's got stuck at the first bend after the tank , so I would cut out the bend and have a mooch

And then recommend your customer gets a lid for the tank , mouse traps/poision and finds out where they are coming in so no more mice can have a bath!
but nothing would go through.

If that "nothing" included water then maybe there is a non return valve preventing a backward flow / flush in the pipework.

If the hose can reach the tank and fit into the the cold pipe that feeds the bathroom you could try a forward flush of the pipe. It might work.
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jet wash turn it down to min pressure and build it up, leave bath tap open to flush it out