Installers recommend a boiler that wont fit?? A worry??

12 Nov 2010
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United Kingdom
Just had a 3rd quote for my replacement boiler.

All 3 have recommended the Worcester 30 CDI as the best boiler for my situation. I am amazed at the differance in quote prices... between £1585 and £2110 for the same installation to the letter!

My biggest worry is that the 30 CDI requires a total clearance height of 1112mm and I only have 1080mm ceiling to top of kitchen unit underneath.
Should I be worried?? Over reacting?? surely these measurements are there for a reason?? Will the loss of 22mm under the boiler cause a problem??

If i really need to I could remove the short length of work top but would be a pain. Remove built in fidge etc. Not impossible though.

Looking for a 28-30KW Boiler with height requrement of 1080 or below that gives the room to plumb through the boiler for pipework all from above?? The vallients with the rear mounting are just too big to be suitable for our kitchen. Makes it huge.

I have struggled to find anyone locally willing to install the Broag advanta.... And have hard a few worrying reports from owners who had faults and then little support afterwards from engineers / Broag? None of the 3 installers who have visited would touch them? Got them from "Trust a trader". Local guy coming tomorrow....

Any advice welcome.
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Normally I wouldn't worry but in the case of Worcester, if anything, I'd want to exceed their minimum clearances as they're awkward enough to work on.
funnily enough, i know 3 guys that are part of that 'trust a trader' thing, i wouldnt let any of them walk my dog, let alone fit a boiler.
10-20mm is unlikely to become a problem.
Viessmann is a good alternative to WB, if not better.
"trust a trader" is effectively no more than an advertising medium with a name suggesting more than it can deliver.

The "get a number of quotes, and then choose one" is an often used systme, but it has a downside. Quality installers tend to get a lot of word of mouth business, and are unlikely to be willing to waste their time on being just one of many to bid for a job.

Best advice easily is to ask friends, neighbours, colleagues etc for recommendations. If a good guy costs a couple of hundred quid more, so be it; better than spending that money after a couple of years on repairs or making good of faults.
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Which bit is amazing??

I must say I am growing frustrated with finding someone "competent" who will actually turn up to quote (All 3 local installers failed to turn up at time /day they advised - wasted time off work etc!!). The next three have quoted for a boiler that the current situation wont comply to manafacturers spec on installation?

Trust a trader shows reviews of the installers previous work and seems a good idea however i assume the installers have to pay for the customer contact details and then add that onto the bill. Dont see what the differance is with asking neighbours / colleagues?

Anyway... main issue is boiler selection. I am going to try and remove the work top this eve and make it easier to remove for boiler mtce in the future. This will give me 1125mm clearance. Hopefully if it has not been glued into place.... this will allow the 30 CDI to go in. Fingers crossed..... does this get around the issue?
...Trust a trader shows reviews of the installers previous work and seems a good idea however i assume the installers have to pay for the customer contact details and then add that onto the bill. Dont see what the differance is with asking neighbours / colleagues?

Huge difference. "Trust a trader" is an advertising scheme which means as long as you pay the fee, you will be able to advertise; complete conflict of interest. It's the same reason why you should never go into a plumbers' merchant and ask for an installer. The guy is more likely to recommend his most profitable customer, than the best installer.

Reviews? If you can't verify them, they ain't worth shit.

People you know are very unlikely to recommend anyone if they don't have good experiences with them, and they have no other interest for recommending anyone dodgy.
Clutch for my Terrano, main dealer £750.00, Mr Clutch £325.00 2 year 20,000miles warranty, Amazing.
What will you be getting for your £1500

I'm assuming that you will be doing what most people do and going for the cheapest.
the boiler 30 cdi is a top boiler with great product support. I'm a WB installer. If fitted by a wb installer you get a five yr no quibble guarantee. My breakdown rate in 1st 5 yrs is currently 2 per cent!

Word of warning though! WB engineers will not touch it when fitted if it isn't fitted within their guidlines!

200 mm below boiler
600 mm in front

If you havent got these clearances dont bother, could turn into a long term nightmare

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