OK finally picked a boiler I think - any problem with this?

18 Aug 2008
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
OK was thinking of going for a Broag Avanta Eco 28 combi boiler.

Price is 574 delivered from ebay but comes top of the list (cheapest) for cost over 5 and 10 years according to my calculations (based on expecting a gas bill around £800/year with a condensing boiler)

It's 300mm deep, I would like it as thin as possible so this is middle of the road (intergas is 240 deep, Bosch CDI is 360)

Heat exchanger is stainless.

The only things I may not have considered 100% are: I may have to take a day off work when it is delivered and second it does not have water and gas isolation valves or copper tails that are supplied as standard with an Avanta Plus boiler, will I need these? Are they expensive?

Others on the list were:
Broag Avanta Eco 28 Combi Boiler (Free P&P)
logic combi 24
glow worm ultracom 24cxi
glow worm flexicom 24cx
Bosch Worcester 24i junior
Avanta Plus Combi 24c Broag Rehma
logic + combi 24
vaillant eco tec pro 24
Veissman Vitodens 100-w 24kw
Intergas 24/18 hre
Bosch Worcester 25si
worcester greenstar 27 cdi
Integas 24/28

sorted by price over 5 years
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Also what's a reasonable price for a standard flue? Vertical.

I think I actually need 2x 45deg bends though...
You can buy avanta 28c complete with jig valves and filling loop well worth the buy plus you get five year warranty. think you only get two years with the eco model. Boiler is little more expensive but worth it
Yuo can By an Avanta 28c through the merchant trade for only a little more han your so called Interweb deal!! AND you will get the valves & tails you seem to have forgoton to purchase a flue kit which for the Remeha Avanta is about £40 personnaly I wouldn't touch your online deal with a barge pole :rolleyes:
OP- You've read way too much into this, to the point of paranoia. Not sure how much you've been lead to believe these machines differ from each other. They are the cheapest form of central heating so in any event prepare for the following;

It will break down as easily as the next one.
It will develop a leak from somewhere.
Any sediment in the system will render any warranty worthless.
Out of warranty parts will be very expensive and not 'off the shelf'.

Stainless makes no difference as it's cheap grade stainless and will be as f***ed as aluminium just as quickly.

My advice, for what it's worth when buying combis, is get the one with the cheapest parts.
Where/how do I buy this merchant trade deal?

Also are you saying don't buy the Broag or just that I've analysed things too much?
I think you have done your research very well. It is a big decision and you haven't come out of it stupid.

It isn't a bad boiler choice at all. It has enemies it has friends so do many other boilers. The friends say they never had a problem the enemies say every one was a problem.

I don't know about the pricing structure.

Regarding the tails and iso's. Isos are not strictly necessary except on gas and hot water. You can get a 22mm gas cock fited and use a ballofix service valve on hot water. You would expect manufacturer to provide a union of some sort to mate with what comes out of the boiler, which your plumber would connect to with standard copper sizes. So I don't see this as an issue either.

The greatest difference for the eco is the short life of the guarantee.

With any modern band 'A' boiler the compressor (fan) may quite liklely need replacing in the first 5 years, they vary from £100+ to £200+ so worth enquiring cost of that part. Just maybe an electrode or two may be required in that time. Perhaps within that time frame parts to do with making hot water might need attention. So a good 5 year guarantee is probably worth a good £200 to you as a consumer. But what you have to be very careful of is the actual practical value of manufacturers guarantees.

1/ First and foremost everything must be perfect about the installation
2/ the system water must be squeeky clean and treated plentifully with the manufacturers favourite chemicals
3/ the boiler must be serviced without missing by a day within the year each and every year.

for the guarantee to apply at all.

Futher than that when you analyse the legal situation the guarantee is not legally enforceable by you the consumer or by us the installer. The manufacture only legally has to guarantee the appliance to the distributer.

I don't believe there is a distributor throughout the land who after 4 years 364 days you could bang your boiler on his counter and say it doesn't work get me another or fix it.

So the very fact that the only person who has legal power over the manufacturer is the distributor puts you the consumer and me the installer in a very poor bargaining posiiton with the manufacturer on day 364 of year 5.

So take guarantees with a picnh of psalt.
Have you found an installer that is happy to fit the boiler that you are supplying?

Are you also supplying drills, etc also
£450 Avanta 28kw flue and clock from James Hargreaves, Lancashire

Plus 17.5% vat of course :(
The manufacture only legally has to guarantee the appliance to the distributer.

That is true they only need to guarantee the merchant. But if a manufacturer does offer a consumer guarantee (eg. like offered on their guarantee card in the box), they are obliged legally to honour it to the letter. After all they've volunteerd it as part of the deal.

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