8 Feb 2004
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United Kingdom
For those that remeber (or care) I had to say goodbye to my old pussycat of 23 last month. The house seemed so empty and had to get another cat so here he is...............

Got him from an RSPCA rescue as he had been dumped with his brothers in a box at only a few weeks old. :( How people can do this to these lovely creatures is beyond me! :evil:

He has settled in nicely and seems very happy. Good food and lots of fuss and he should be!

Rspca charge £50 for their kittens but vaccinations, microchip, and neutering is included so very good value. recommend all you cat lovers to help the RSPCA and give their moggys a good home. :D
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what a nice cat bacho but a shame he got dumped along with his brothers :'( some people should not be allowed to own pets as they just treat them like mud. all wildlife should be treated with respect too.

why are you not youngroughcaster? Admin could have changed your name for you. Steve did it. I think he was called crafty or summat like that.

Mr. W.
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Nice story...........I see that you left him with a handy bit of wire to chew on. Just like my late cat, he loved it. :cry:
Hi to Smudge.

He's one lucky cat to have a second chance, and a great new home. Good to see that you have taken a rescue cat, there are too many out there needing homes. The dog situation is even bleaker.

We got our cat Harry from a rescue centre when he was 4 years old. His owners moved home, and just left him behind.

Harry, who is in his usual position perched on my lap, says hello too.

Yes, too contented. Stays there long enough for me to get cramp sometimes. Thinks he's in charge, the little b****r!
Lovely p u s s sy Bahco.

It appears your cat is in a lovely home.

Mr. W.
Well done Bahco, no home should be without a cat, he will obviously be well cared for, he should give you as much pleasure as you give him. :)
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