Money grubbing charities

masona said:
kendor said:
there are a lot of professions that i think are overvalued
Do you mean they are taking money out of charity fund as well?
no, i mean they are paid too much for what they do.
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felix said:
I'm sure we are not asked to contribute cash when we send these boxes, perhaps it depends on where you live

Interesting comment there from petewood. It may indeed depend where you live - or maybe which school organizes the collection. I wouldn't put it past some g*t (on commission?) to say "There's not many poor kids at this school. Let's see if we can screw their parents for some extra cash." I'd also like to know where that money went. Perhaps some of it helped pay for lorries and planes. That wouldn't be too bad though you'd think a shipping company would carry the boxes free in return for the good PR.

Apparently there is a full-time paid co-ordinator for the christmas box scheme, but I don't know if this is at a local or national level. Another expense is the cartons that the boxes must be packed in, each holding about 17 boxes.
Some of these cartons are sent back to Russia, Romania etc in artics that would be returning empty. I think that all the boxes go to orphanages.
Well that doesn't sound like too bad a use for the money and so I end up back where I started. I don't mind giving money to charities. They have to raise money from somewhere and in most cases that means asking us for donations. What really p*sses me off is the way so many of them go about it. "Please enclose £2 to cover handling costs." That's not a request, it's a demand!
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I'm amazed that the RHS can call itself a charity. It runs huge mega flower shows that turn over millions, the cheapest stall is £1000 and it's cheapest ticket for jo public is £15!

And they call themselves 'The Uk's leading gardening charity'.

It's not quite what I have in my mind as a charity. Sounds like a right good tax rip off!