Is it safe to climb on a shed roof?

3 Aug 2008
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United Kingdom
I need to replace some felt on a shed roof. The shed is fair large (around 3.5m x 1.5m) right in the corner of the garden and there is no access to 2 of the 4 sides due to lots of trees and neighbouring sheds (even if I did approach from the neighbouring gardens).

Therefore, the only option to tack down the far side is to mount the shed and lay down, leaning across carefully.

The roof is apex and has wood spanning the full length of the shed. I'm about 13 stone....

I think it could end in tears but then I've read other people doing similar and ultimately I have no other choice other than let it rot. Any ideas?
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if it was new and not rotten i'd say go nuts, if its old and maybe past its best then probably not.

Spreading a plank or large board on it will help reduce your load and make it doable unless it was really shot.
The wood isn't rotten, yet. Not sure how old it is though.

Here's a pic of the inside structure (right click and View Image, can't seem to get it to load properly. Or via: )

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my solution would be to lay a wide plank or 12mm sheet material in the center off the floor and a temporary support up to the center off every cross timber
as those look like 2x2" on a 10ft span wont be very strong
To test your candidate method for roof walking, fill a water-proof container on the roof until it equals your weight while someone watches the roof structure deflection.

Get it on video and post it if it goes wrong! :D
I've refelted a few shed roofs and had no problems, even got on my recent shed to chop down the tree beside it. Spread your weight evenly, it'll be fine unless you're the guy I saw on supersize me the other night :D btw I just saw your thread saying you were 13 stone, I'm 12 stone so you'll be fine lying down :D
In the end I managed to gain just enough access from a 3rd side, thanks to a kind neighbour, to be able to nail it down enough to keep it in place. There is absolutely no access to the 4th side so there is a large gap without any nails, but as it is sheltered from wind by the same trees that prevent access it should be ok. I chickened out of climbing on to it as it felt like it was straining under my ample 6' 2" frame whenever I started to try. :LOL:
So the moral of the story is:
distribute your body weight and
do not cause impact loading on a roof that is already marginal?

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