Is plod lying again?

23 May 2004
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United Kingdom
From the trial of the person who allegedly gave the gun to Duggan...

Where's the gun?

"The side door of the taxi was slid open," he said, and police officers were repeatedly shouting "armed police" at Mr Duggan.

"I saw the subject pivot out of the door in a stooped position," he said.

"His right hand was crossed across his body with the hand inside the left hand side of his jacket towards his waistband, his left hand was holding the lower part of his left lapel.

"It very much appeared he was concealing something.

"As he pivoted... at the same time he very quickly drew out his right hand from the left hand side of his waistband and he was holding a self-loading pistol or handgun."

The officer said he heard two shots to his left as Mr Duggan drew his right hand out of his jacket.

He said he caught hold of Mr Duggan's wrists as he fell to his knees and shouted: "Where's the gun?" but failed to find one and started first aid.

When Stuart Denney, QC for the defence, asked him: "Where was the gun?", W70 replied: "I have no idea".

The officer also told the court he omitted the fact Mr Duggan was armed from his initial statement after meeting lawyers and Police Federation representatives.

When asked if this was a deliberate act, he said: "I don't know."
So no gun, and actions that would (if you read carefully) sound like someone trying to get out of their seatbelt in a hurry...

He also denied "seeing any sign of a police officer bringing a non-police gun to the scene".
Sounds like someone is covering their a*se... ;)
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I don't know whether they're lying or not (probably).
But if I was one of them I'd have shot him as well if he did jump out of the car quick after hearing "armed police".
But did anyone actually say 'armed police'...?

We only have the word so far from someone who 'saw' a 'gun' (the metal bit of a seatbelt perhaps?) but then couldn't find one...

Would anyone call that a reliable witness?

I have no doubt that all involved will say the same thing (after being allowed to compare and alter their notes), but something stinks here...

Maybe we'll only find out the truth after 23 years... ;)
There are two plods lying dead because some evil person lured them to their death.
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It shows the dangers of dealing with dodgy bstrds though doesn't it.
If he was moving quick I'd have put my own safety first and put so much lead in him that they'd have had to weigh him in at the scrappy, and worried about the consequences later.
I thought I heard on the news yesterday that a gun has been found, it was in a box.
Or is that another case?
And then the gun found itself 5m away on the other side of a fence...

I guess that's what plod will call a 'death throw'... ;)
Yep, certainly seem to be telling porkies again. Specially the one who reviewed his statement with the Police Federation lawyers.
There are two plods lying dead because some evil person lured them to their death.

We don't know whether they were lured there or not, that's what the police are saying, we don't know whether it's correct or not.
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