Is there such a thing as a wireless cylinder temp sensor?

Some solar controllers have a predictive function, i believe the Worcester Bosch boiler/cyl/solar controller can do this, for instance.

Even so I doubt that it can predict what the weather is going to be later on any day!

There are cheap ( £4 ) digital thermometers designed for fitting indoors with the sensor on a 2m lead to be placed outside.

One of those could have the sensor cable extended to achieve what you are looking for.

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what you need is boiler suppression, a little known necessity to ensure that if the panels can provide heat the boiler does not fire...most rhesol controllers have that...
I said: I just want to be able to see the temperature of the tank downstairs and switch the boiler on from the programmer downstairs particularly during 'typical variable British summers!

D_Hailsham replied
I see what you are wanting to do, but I can't see why? It implies that you don't know when you need hot water, so you check the temperature in the tank and then turn the boiler on to heat the tank up - just in case you need hot water!

Yes that's almost correct. As I said in an earlier explanation the house is occupied by two families. I know what HW I need but I also need to make certain the other family has HW when they need it. During good sunny days we get ample hot water for all via the solar without needing the boiler from early morning to mid afternoon (I usually set the boiler programmer to off during summer ) . However during more variable conditions it is less predictable so I need to check the tank temperature. I can then if needed recover the HW by + an hour to make sure of enough HW in the evening. If I leave the boiler in the Auto position (other than messing about with the programmer continually) the boiler would come on in the morning and heat water with gas that the solar might heat up during the day. So seeing the temperature downstairs would be very useful.

Thanks for your replies.
The camera idea form scoobydo123 sounds promising.
I haven't got an answer, but I understand exactly what you are talking about. I keep my water heating to a minimum. I also have solar so hope that the sun will do its job. If not, I need to see the cylinder temp so I can extend the gas heating by an hour if more HW is needed. Currently I can still run up and downstairs but can see the problem if mobility is an issue. I'm sure someone will be able to extend the cable and resite the temperature guage

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One way is to set the boiler water heating only from 4.00pm to 6.00pm. If the sun heats the cylinder during the day, the cylinder thermostat will hold the boiler off; if it doesn't, the cyl 'stat will control the boiler in the usual way. The objective is to have the cyl pretty well cold at about 9.00am so the solar can heat it. Solar can't heat a cyl which is already hot.
Thanks for the suggestion mysteryman I will give it a go when and if the sun ever decides to shine again!

I'm pleased (dubmuffin) Claire has the same issue/problem If I find a satisfactory solution I will post it here>

Thanks to all who took the time and trouble to reply you are all stars!

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