Is there such a thing as a wireless cylinder temp sensor?


11 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
I wonder if anyone can advise me. I have my boiler cylinder and solar water system and its controller in my upstairs bathroom. My programmer is downstairs in my living room immediately below the bathroom. The hot water cylinder has a thermostat.
I can check what the temperature of the cylinder is on the solar controller panel. However, this involves going upstairs in its cupboard and then if more heat is needed going downstairs to override the programmer.
My question is this is there such a thing as a wireless temperature sensor that I can attach to the cylinder that will give me a constant digital read out of the cylinder remotely (ie: downstairs.)
I’m sure there are more complex CH & W controllers but I want to avoid unnecessarily replacing fairly new parts if I can.

My existing programmer is a Honeywell ST9400C
My wireless room thermostat is a Danfoss TP7000
My Solar is a Fluropro Solar differential controller.

Many thanks

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best people to ask is Seconsolar in Sunderland, Ian could probably suggest something

0191 516 6554 is their number
Shouldn't be any need to do anything.
You set the times of your programmer for the boiler for when you
want it to heat the hot water. Like 7-8am and and 4-5pm.
If there is any requirement for the boiler to heat the cylinder
the boiler will come on and heat it up.

Solar will heat the cylinder whenever there is solar to heat it with.
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At first I thought you just wanted a stat on your cylinder but now I think you already have one.

All you need to do is set your boiler to heat the water at sundown! For some reason you want to do that manually!

I am not aware of a cheap device to do what you ask. My weather station does that in effect from the outside unit!

Why not simply move the solar control panel downstairs? All you need is some alarm cable and a few cable clips.
Thanks to all for giving advice so thoughtfully.

One person suggested I allow the boiler to control when the water is heated up. I may be wrong, but I like to get as much hot water from the solar system as possible when I can, consequently, I need be able to see how much the solar has heated the water and randomly compensate manually to top up its heat. However at present ( and I am an OAP!) I have to limp upstairs to read the tank temp and back down to set the extra boiler hours as necessary.
Hence why I wanted a temp readout downstairs near the boilers programmer.
Its often quite difficult to ask what seems an obscure question of professional tradesmen without writing a book to explain ones individual circumstances. My house is separated into 2 houses we live in one half and my daughter and her young children live in the other. We have one boiler and heating system which we share. I do not always know their pattern of hot water demand but I can see when the water is not hot enough and compensate accordingly.

Rigidraider suggested I re-site the solar controller downstairs. That's an excellent solutions which I should have had done when I had it installed. I will ask someone to do it for me. I live near Canterbury Kent, anyone want a job?

phjonesNewideas said £84 of free info, but I don't understand how that helps?

Thanks to everyone taking the time and trouble to reply.

Best wishes

Set your timer for the times you want hot water. Set your cylinder thermostat to the lowest temperature you require. If the temperature is below that when you want hot water, then the boiler takes over. If the temperature is above the required temperature, then the boiler is not switched on.

It is not as simple as that. It is best to organise the boiler water heating so that it is not enabled when there is a possibility for the solar to do it. In other words, time it out during any daytime periods when there is little hot water demand. The solar cannot heat water which is already hot, and it can't predict when the sun will shine. These matters are more difficult to set up in a house in multiple occupation. If the solar controller is to be moved, some mains wiring may need to go with it. You can add remote monitoring with some solar controllers, and you can then switch the boiler to 'hot water on' perhaps also by a remote programmer.
Thanks mysteryman I'm pleased you understand what I'm seeking to do. I just want to be able to see the temperature of the tank downstairs and switch the boiler on from the programmer downstairs particularly during 'typical variable British summers!.

Thanks D_Hailsham . I was left the Fluropro manual by the installers, but having it and understanding how to make it do what I want is another matter. I suspect you are talking about the Fluropros re-heat function and its delay facility is that so?

Thanks again you people are diamonds.
I just want to be able to see the temperature of the tank downstairs and switch the boiler on from the programmer downstairs particularly during 'typical variable British summers!
I see what you are wanting to do, but I can't see why? It implies that you don't know when you need hot water, so you check the temperature in the tank and then turn the boiler on to heat the tank up - just in case you need hot water!

I suspect you are talking about the Fluropro's re-heat function and its delay facility, is that so?
could this be as simple as training a camera onto the display of the controls assuming it can be set to display all the time. Various cameras available for the task from baby monitor to door entry ie press door bell and the camera will switch on. Low tech way of doing it but sometimes this is the best. Some cameras you can connect to your tv so just a case of switching to av channel. You could also install on a wireless RF socket so it is only on when you want.
Some solar controllers have a predictive function, i believe the Worcester Bosch boiler/cyl/solar controller can do this, for instance.

I was on the course a few years back but I dont believe solar has a realistic payback so I don't fit much of it.

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