Is this correct order?

5 Oct 2009
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United Kingdom
I am helping some friends out who have a problem with sludge in there 3 year old boiler. The radiators are new 1 month old. The copper piping is 10 years old.

I was thinking of putting in Kamco Hyperflush in the system for one week.
Then powerflush it the week after with FX2.

I am thinking of doing the stuff in this order

First flushing the boiler with the powerflusher with the radiators valves turned off.

Second taking out the hex from the boiler cleaning it with chemicals

Third powerflushing the radiators system isolated from the boiler.(with the usually thing of turning off individual radiators)

Then do the usual stuff of adding inhibitor.

Is this order right?

Also would you reccommend putting in Fernox DS40 instead of Kamco hyperflush for a week?
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Hi John,

Depends on what the HEX is made of, if ali then yes clean on its own, if not the leave in place and just clean as part of the powerflush.

IIRC you could just put the hyperflush in the day before, don't think you need to leave it in for a week.

Other than that, yes your order seems ok, go on the Kamco website it tells you the best order to flush in.

the hex is made from stainless steel. I pretty sure that is what all valliant hex are made of.
I just thought taking it out would make it a through job.

Yes it is a more belt and braces approach, but I assume you would only be using the same chemicals you are flushing with anyway.

If you can get one try and get a pump connection adapter to hook up to the system with.

Much easier than pi55ing about undoing a rad.

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It is sealed system with the pump inside the boiler. So i thought of just connecting to flow and return of the boiler.
What do you think?
I would not recommend doing a powerflush yoruself; it involves a lot more than just pushing water around.
For one thing, if you have the adapter for it, the best way is to connect the machine to the pump or pump connectors, in which case it will also clean the plate hex if you know how to do it. If you do it wrong, you can actually do quite a bit of harm with a powerflush.
You can leave hyperflush in for up to 4 weeks. Do that and drain and rinse the system. If you have doubts about the system being clean after that, repeat the process. If the system is large or heavily soiled, use 2 bottles.

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