kia sedona starter motor remove. repare. reinstall HERES HOW

30 Sep 2007
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United Kingdom
i have just put right my own starter and thourght some one might find this info usfull.
while the car is on the ground, remove the air cleaner box. 12mm socket, 3 bolts. diconect the battery!. remove air intake , 2 12mm bolts. if you look below the space where the air cleaner was you will see a 17mm bolt head hidden by the clutch cable bracket. remove the bracket, 4 10mm bolts and allow it to sit in place loose. remove the 17mm bolt from the starter and the other 2 17mm bolts can be removed eather from the top or bottom once the car is jacked up. with the car in the air you will need to undo the crankcase breather pipe from the sump to allow the starter to be removed. take care when removing the wires from the starter. the small wire conecttor can be squeezed with fingers and should come away easy. the large cable requires a 15mm ring spanner, maybe 2! to hold the nut underneath.
with the starter on a nice clean towel from the bathroom, use an air line if possible to remove dust from cog. now then heres where it gets tricky! the only othere things i would advise unless you know what u are doing are these. on the face where u have cleaned the cog u will see 4 big screw heads, use a good large screwdriver make sure it is a good fit and undoo them. they are very tight. carfully take the cover off and u will see cogs and srings and bearings and a ball bearing, try to make a note of where thy are if possible do not disturb them. if they look clean other than greasy just spray WD40 into every hole u can see. lots of it u wont hurt nothing and then some new grease on cogs and bearings. replace end plate and put back on the car. before conecting electrics, rub all contacts with wire wool and WD40. i did mine 2 weeks ago and it is better than it has ever been! if u have to buy another one a recon will cost£120.00 and a new one, shop around, will cost£142.00. second hand are like rocking horse poo!. good luck! :
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well done, dont like the part about the clean towel from the bathroom though.My missus would be hitting me over the head with the starter if id done that!
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one has to protect ones investments. by the by, i gave up on the SAD-DONA when the rear heater pipes rotted off the car at four years old! i will not be buying another. shame cause it was a nice motor but one thing after another made me question the quality. :(