Kichen and Bathroom DISASTER

10 Mar 2016
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United Kingdom
Yes I feel my new kitchen and bathroom installation has been a complete disaster!
Let me explain...... I decided to have a new kitchen and bathroom so I thought i took the correct 1st steps and found a local builder with a good reputation and came highly recommended by friends.
I wanted a kitchen similar to a friend of mine who got her kitchen with a well know kitchen trade company.
I made the appointment and the local kitchen planner came along and we agreed to a kitchen plan and the style of units.
So far so good.
But, as most of you are aware- this is trade so my local recommended builder had to place the order via his account.
The builder told me he was not making any money on the units being that it was already planned and that it was just one phonecall to get the units delivered.
So far so good.
The units arrived with a kitchen fitter and also a plumber to start the removal and installation of a new bathroom. A good idea to get it all done at once.
The price I was quoted for the complete work was not the cheapest but at the higher end which I didnt mind considering this is a master builder with an excellent reputation?
The kitchen consists of 15 units which came rigid- not flat packed.
There are also the appliances and sink which needed to be slightly moved and some isolator switches installed above the worktop.
I was told originally that the removal and installation of the kitchen would be £2700 not including the electrics which was £800 and tiling (5 sqm) £600 and i had to supply tiles and grout etc.
Now the bad bit....
Stupidly I paid the builder 12k in cash upfront as partial payment.

The workmanship is very shoddy and has taken 15 days so far and yet the kitchen is finished yet.
I cant even tell you how bad the problems are. The mitre joints are terrible. The worktop slopes. The wall units have had large screw drilled through them and ruined them in my opinion. There is so much more I just wished I could post photos.
I asked for a meeting with the builder who became very offensive. He eventually turned up and I pointed out the bits Im not happy about.
For instance, the isolation switches have been placed behind the base drawer units.
The plug socket for the washing machine and dishwasher has been placed in the unit under the sink directly below elbows in copper piping. I had asked for the switches to be placed above the worktop.
The electrician who turned up became very offensive and insisted it was all acceptable and I was being too picky.
I had to ask him to leave.
On further investigation as to why my fridge and freezer was working i found switched sockets under the units screwed into the floor towards the rear of the base units. A cable went from this double socket to one of the isolation sockets behind the drawers.
I am worried about this socket for several reasons. One of them is that it wont be that easily accessible if needed behind the kick boards.
I have since found out that the builder has made just over £4500 on the mark up on the units despite him telling me that he hadnt made a penny.
The electrical work i believe is shoddy.
The installation of kitchen is the worst Ive seen ever.
The builder has now become threatening and asking for another £7000 for labour.
I have ordered him off site.

Now for those who are thinking i agreed a price then yes i did but what i did not agree to was nothing more than a bodgeit job.
He has said he will not carry out any remedial work until i give him another £7000.

What do I do???

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The last thing you want is a lecture from any members on here,just what to do now and there's not a lot you can do,as I'm sure are aware by watching programs like 'cowboy builders',you have lost that money unless the builder has a conscience,which you know full well that he doesn't give a toss and has no shame in trying to extort another £7000 which he will put straight into his pocket,jet off somewhere hot and his mind recover from the stress you are causing himself.
You don't mention the bathroom,was the k12 including the bathroom installation ? if so I would say to him you over reacted about the kitchen,sorry, get him to install the bathroom without parting with any more money and then complain again.
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Thanks very much for the replies.
I don't believe I'm being 'picky' but I just want the workmanship to be as good as he and his builders made out to be.
I'm definately don't make out I'm some kind of expert but I do recognise bad workmanship when I see it.
I haven't mentioned the bathroom as of yet. I will do that later.
Im will start with the electrics. I had asked the builder to place isolation switches above the worktops.
Instead the electrician has placed some behind drawers and a socket underneath the sink. He told me this was acceptable even though i asked for them to be placed above the worktop.
He said the isolation switches met building regs anyway.
I do wonder how by placing the switches behind drawers this is classed as easily accessible? The sockets under the sink is directly under elbow joints.
On further investigation the sockets for the fridge, freezer and cooker have been fixed under the base units on the floor at the rear of the units behind the kick boards. Is this acceptable ?
He has also left light switches exposed. I fear that someone could get a shock if they try to turn the switch on to use the bathroom.
I will post some photos.
Light switched left exposed for days.


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is the 'builder' a member of any trade associations with a disputes procedure?

I phoned the Master Builder Federation he claimed to be a member of and they have never heard of him.

Ive investigated even further and have now found out his company was registered in 2014 and no accounts have yet been submitted .
His 'gas- safe ' plumber is not on the gas-safe register.

I am beginning to realise I have made a bad decision giving this job to this builder.

I guess I will have to take it on the chin and ask him not to return and get another builder in to re-install the kitchen and bathroom.

BTW the cost for labour has been quoted at 18k and I supply all the kitchen, bathroom and tiles etc.


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Sounds like you've paid for a good quality job and been screwed :( Did you get a written quote? or estimate? (what does it say)? Does the Builder have any terms & conditions (what do they say)? £12k is rather high for a normal kitchen deposit. How much are you still owe them/would be owe them if they finished? Generally you have to let them finish the job, ordering off site may not have been the wisest decision. You should have gotten in writing where the electrics were to be going (did you?). The only thing actually wrong with the electrics I can see is that earth wire not connected. It's permitted to have sockets behind a plinth. Don't know where about in the UK you are(?) but in Scotland it's 'should' rather than 'must' have switches above-counter. None of it is of a high standard though. Live wires shouldn't be left hanging out of a wall. Has there been any changes made at the fuseboard/consumer unit?
Thanks very much for your reply and comments.
I guess I've been a complete fool in some ways.
I contacted the builder because he was recommended to me and that he lives in the same very small village as me.
After I explained what i wanted he said it was know problem and that he was a master builder and his workmen were the top of their class.
He went away and texted me the quote .
At the same I time I did get another two builders in to quote from a nearby town. Their were quotes were very similar so I decided to use this builder because of his recommendations and locality.
Nothing was actually written down on paper.
A few days later the builder asked me for 12k as a deposit but it must include 2k cash which he said he was going to pick up and pay towards his workmens wages.
Stupidly I fell for it and transferred 10k into his private account and i gave him 2k cash.

His workmen turned up and started work on both the kitchen and bathroom. They turned up randomly at different times . Sometimes not at all.
My brother drove 300 miles to my house after listening to my concerns. He is in the building trade. He was totally shocked at the work done on the kitchen and the bathroom and advised me to stop the builders immediately and order them off site due to safety concerns.
He wanted to call the various authorities to report the matter. However, I decided not to and to ask the builder to come to the house and to go over mine and my brothers concerns.
Eventually the builder turned up with his workmen. He was very aggressive.
He demanded another 8k.
I refused so he left.
He has told me he has lost so much money on this job.
My brother is actually a project manager for a building company and has now taken leave to project manage this job.

I am willing to pay the builder the quote he gave me but only if my brother project manages.
The builder has refused.

I have also asked for a receipt from the builder for the 12k already paid out but he has refused that too.

I would really like the builder now to leave the job completely.
I have asked him what he wants to do and given him the option of completing the work to mine and my brothers satisfaction.
My brother has friends and colleagues who will rectify the mess this builder has left me with. I would rather pay them the next 7k plus than the original builder.

I will try and post some bathroom photos now.
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