Kichen and Bathroom DISASTER

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Nobody else appears to have mentioned this and maybe you have already done it, but in case you have not , put in writing all your complaints and post it to the contractor, outlining what needs to be rectified, etc and who you want to project manage it. Then give him the option accepting your conditions and returning by a specific date saying, that if he does not accept this you will bring in other contractors to rectify and complete the work.
This covers you in the unlikely event he tries to put a claim in against you.
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We'll never know:unsure: But welcome to DIYnot, Transit 80(y)
Yes you will know!!

Well I had to get my brother and his friends to repair all the damage done. The work in the bathroom was especially bad. The tiles had to be all broken off and replaced.
The kitchen has been taken out. The walls made good and the units put back in by a professional fitter. Some units had to be replaced.
The new fitter said the orevious work was very shoddy and definately not professional.
I further investigated the so called master builder and his workforce.
His tiler was not a tiler at all but a former boiler engineer who was struck off the gas safe register. He is constantly seen in the local pub most lunchtimes. He charges his customers £200 per day!!
The kitchen fitter who also charges £200 per day is nowhere to be seen. The so called master builder himself has run off to Spain leaving his son running the business. He hasn't declared any accounts according to Companies House.
Since they were all ordered off the job they have started nasty rumours about me in the village saying I never paid them so they walked off the job etc.
I have found my tv aerial cable cut since.
Since they were ordered off the job my boiler pressure kept dropping. It was eventually found that a nail had be hammered into the floor boards into a pipe when they sanded the floor.
I still see them advertising and I hope that nobody ever uses them again but unfortunately this is not the case as I see them now working on a house a few doors away from me.
Thanks for the update Commando, it's nice to see an outcome.

So when are you going to go and have a cup of tea with your neighbour
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