Chips on New Kitchen installed

Now to add more drama this is the cut of a new section against the wall. Measures almost 20mm from the wall.


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There won’t be any tiles on that section, only bare wall.
They even ran the blade to far when cutting the inner corner...
Perhaps there is an upstand matching the worktop that could be fitted to cover the sins?
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Has the 'fitter' ever heard of expanding foam lmao. Not sure what he used to cut it with, A chisel? Definitely not a router (My weapon of choice)

I shouldn't laugh, but this is funny.

How did you end up with this fitter? Was it a kitchen from a 'shed' like B&Poo or the like? There is no point in him replacing it, you need to replace HIM. He obviously can't do the job to a satisfactory standard.
He said he will use ‘high grade’ filler to fill the gaps then paint it.

does that sound right?
Nope, never. If he was able to pull that off, he would make a lot more money restoring than a failed DIY kitchen fitter. Tell him to go on youtube and learn how to 'scribe' to make that top fit without using expanding foam, glitter and glue. He could fill it with mud, PVA and glitter, he will never make that match unless by sheer luck its a solid matt colour finish. Even still Tell him to go away. Maradona could have done better. Oh wait.....
These are the joints of the worktop and the sink.

Unfortunately I have already paid him for 75% of the work.

What do I do? How do I handle this? I have lost the will to speak to him anymore


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He's just butted up the worktops, they should have been routered for a snug fit and eliminate the bevelled edge. How are they joined underneath?

If he has been supplied or recommended from where you bought the kitchen I would go back the them.
Take stock. The worktops are s***e and should have been mason-mitred with a jig. I don't believe this guy is a kitchen fitter at all. At the end of the day, they are laminate worktops, so not too expensive. The outstanding 25% should go some way to offsetting getting someone else in, so whatever you do don't pay it. You have right on your side, and could go legal, and would probably win, but is the fight worth the hassle. Go to a store, get some new worktop and pay someone decent to fit them.

As far as the other guy goes, you have given him a chance to rectify and he hasn't. Hopefully if you tell him not to come back, there isn't too much other work outstanding. He may shout a bit, but he hasn't a leg to stand on - that is NOT a professional install.
He's not a kitchen fitter.
He's not a diyer.
He's not even someone who watched some videos on YouTube and attempted a kitchen fit.
He turned up having never heard of how to fit a kitchen.
Look at those "joints" and the sink ...
I wonder how the level is like on those cabinets and how he's fixed them to the wall, or has he???
Kick him out.
Kick him out.

I am afraid this is the only solution. As johnny says, we are talking about worktops, but what is the cabinet install like? and plumbing? etc. The problem with going legal with any case like this is that "bad workmanship" is always subjective. If the work was under building control you would at least have a third party to say it was unacceptable, but unfortunately with kitchens it's not so easy.
I walked in today to see his plan for fixing the gap between the counter and the wall and it involves plaster board

I am done!


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