Chips on New Kitchen installed

Why did you let him through the door today? The more he does the more expensive it will be to put right

Was he supplied by the the kitchen supplier or did you find him?
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Unfortunately I made the stupid mistake of finding him myself
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I feel very sorry for you but he's demonstrated his level of skill or lack of it more like so what makes you think that letting him carry on will end with a decent job ?
End this now!
I'm not a kitchen fitter, I'm not a chippy, I have never joined a worktop myself - I'm a DIY'r.
Yet I'm 100% sure that I could do a better job than that - for all that you have shown us.
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I’m not a chippy or kitchen fitter but my joints are far better than the one’s your guy is doing.
Thank you all for your comments and support.

I had a very firm word with the fitter and he is changing it all.

I will keep you updated with the finished result - let’s see what happens.

Well done... There is too many that get away with crap work
They look like jigsaw blade marks as he came through the face or using the wrong type of blade. glad to hear hes sorting it out.
Hi all, just to update you - the plasterboard was the final straw. I kicked him out.

It was a painful process, they were very argumentative and rude, even trying to add in extra costs for me to pay.

But finally they are gone!

thank you all for your help - I thought I was going crazy but you guys helped so much.
To be fair, some of that work was pretty shocking. Assuming you can't diy this, take your time re getting a replacement tradesperson in. Do not rely on word of mouth, one person's 'wonderful' is another person's 'omg it looks sh1te!' Look for local companies that specialise in kitchen fitting or a local general builder/joiner who is experienced in kitchen fitting. Check reviews where possible. Be cautious if they offer pics of 'their work' as you've no guarantee it is their work. It's no guarantee of a quality job, however our local council has a 'trusted trader' website. Companies featured have been vetted and there are genuine reviews from past customers. Your council might have something similar.
This is a good joint, maybe with a good router bit would've been better.
Why didn't you use the colourfill in it?
It would've probably become invisible if you did.
agreed , it’s a competent joint , it’s just not been clamped properly. I biscuit joint them as well . gets them 99.99%
I walked in today to see his plan for fixing the gap between the counter and the wall and it involves plaster board

I am done!
how long before the drill falls into the sink? and wtf is the tap doing there?
if you want to rinse or wash something under the tap you’ll be stuck in the corner.
in fairness the plasterboard solution covered up your bodged ruff plaster.:LOL:
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