kitchen cabinet

  1. nbellyjnr

    B&Q Kitchen Cupboard Unit Support

    Hoping someone can help with their opinion on this. We have had endless issues with B&Q appointed fitters. We initially had fitters that had been chucked off the job (by B&Q) because they didn’t know what they were doing - they had fitted cupboard units to the back wall. We were then given new...
  2. R

    Kitchen breakfast bar end panel next to fridge?

    Hello all, new here and hoping for some great advice. I will be fitting my new Wren kitchen in a month or so and i have a question about securing the end panel on the breakfast bar. The breakfast bar projects out and has no wall either side, the undercounter integrated fridge is the last item...
  3. L

    How to mask / minimise scratches on veneer kitchen cabinets

    Hi all. I’ve just moved into a rented flat where the previous tenants have done quite a bit of damage. The kitchen cabinet doors have a number of scratches which I would like to make less noticeable (see pictures). I have very little DIY experience so a simple solution that would have a decent...
  4. Jimbo-Winch

    Removing back of kitchen cabinet in island

    I have a kitchen island which has an oven built into it. The oven needs replacing and I have removed the oven expecting it to be open at the back but it isn’t, so I can’t access the socket. Is there a way of removing the back of the kitchen cabinet without destroying it? I’ve attached a...
  5. M

    tiling around a kitchen island

    I'm planning on putting in a kitchen island that sits on a tiled rectangle. My plan was to install the island cabinets, tile around these then install the end panels and plinths. I don't have enough tiles to tile the whole rectangle. Does that sound like it will work ok? Thanks
  6. bettz1

    Secure kickboard to dishwasher and washing machine

    Hi finally got fed up with the kickboard falling and moving so bought a few plinth clips they fit the cabinet legs fine but I can't seem to find them small enough to attach to the dishwasher & washing machine. What do people use?
  7. Careful_Bodger

    Cabinet Bracket cover removal

    Any ideas 1) How these covers come off? There is a groove feature in the middle of the lower face, which might be relevant. 2) Where I can get some more of this style of cover? I want to add some more cabinets in the same style.
  8. G

    Kitchen Unit Heat/Steam Protection

    IMG-20210716-WA0002 by Geekpie posted 16 Jul 2021 at 9:03 AM We have 'appliance garages' in our kitchen to try and keep toaster/kettle etc off worktops. We rarely use toaster or kettle but missus has got into habit of daily coffees from her posh coffee machine and that means a lot of hot steam...
  9. B

    What size microwave?

    Hi all. I am about to have my new kitchen installed but am a bit confused by integrated microwave sizes. The unit is a tall (2340 mm) oven and appliance housing. So is it simply a matter of overall size - the legs (150 mm) which leaves 2190 mm. Then take off the doors and the oven...
  10. D

    Kitchen corner cabinet structure.

    Does anybody know if the 45 degree 'post' in the back of an overhead corner cabinet (Wickes ca. 2010) pops out i.e. is fitted by pressing into clips, or whether it is pre fitted to the back of the carcass? I have a plumbing problem to fix, and have just discovered that the kitchen fitters have...
  11. Careful_Bodger

    Matching Wickes 'Calgary' oak kitchen cabinet doors ??

    Bit of a long shot.....we had a Wickes kitchen installed about 10 years ago. The shaker style by the 'Calgary' name is apparently no longer available. Assuming the (same?) manufacturers still supply the same or very similar style by other retail channels, can anyone - based on experience -...
  12. D

    Cabinet doors for a 600mm tall cupboard

    Hi, I've decided to put up an extar 60cm cupboard in my kitchen but thinking the door size could be a problem because of how far out a 60cm door would swing. I'm wondering about using two 30cm doors instead, but this means there'll be a gap between the doors, so I'm worried that will look...
  13. F

    Chipped Vinyl Kitchen Cabinet door

    HI. I have a vinyl covered Kitchen cabinet door where the vinyl has lifted from the board and the pieces have snapped off. I intend to stick the Vinyl back using contact adhesive. Then I'd like to fill the chips and respray but does anyone have any idea what sort of filler I should use for this...
  14. BillyWillySilly

    Cutting the back out of a Howdens Microwave Tower Unit

    Our microwave has broken and we're having trouble finding a replacement. Do you know if the back on the microwave tower units form Howdens are load-bearing? I might need to cut a hole in the back to get a microwave to fit but didn't know if I would run through screws/bolts etc? I'm literally...
  15. leaf17

    Fitting kitchen around a pillar

    Hi all, Just started fitting our new units from DIY Kitchens. There's a pillar that comes out of the wall by 11cm and is 66cm wide. I'll have to cut out the back of 3 units to accommodate the pillar. Not too worried about the tall unit and base unit, but not sure how to deal with the wall unit...
  16. H

    Making slits for profile handles on kitchen doors

    Hoping someone can help. I bought two new kitchen cupboard doors and need to make straight slits in order to fit the original slim profile handles. Can any give me an idea how to do this and make straight slits please?
  17. L

    Cupboard hinges (slow close)

    Hi, I have some slow close hinges with a damper clipped on. (see pic) How do I get the cover off? Everything I try seems to lift the hinge up as well Also, is there anything I can put on the door side to strengthen the hinge as I’ve already had to repair three threaded screw holes and they...
  18. Mac Clan

    Kitchen drawers bracket

    Im trying to locate what the name of what this bracket is called to repair kitchen drawers picture shows the broken one and a Funtional one any help grateful.
  19. R

    Why to buy kitchen unit carcass

    Hi all, I'm replacing an under counter fridge with a kitchen cabinet. Can reuse the door that's on the fridge, but where's best to buy carcasses? I was looking on b&q a year ago and they had what i need. They discontinued the range though and the new ones terribly reviewed, has 3mm hardboard...
  20. bettz1

    Replace Old Kitchen sink

    Any idea what would be the best way to replace the old sink with a new modern black sink? At the moment the old sink is just siliconed on at the sides and back and it looks like its...