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27 Feb 2003
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United Kingdom
In early September 06 we decided to have two ground floor rooms knocked into one .

I decided to enlist the services of a local builder who was a member of the federation of master builder.

I looked through yellow pages and found a builder who was a member and he carried out the work in early November.

I have subsequently found out that this works was subject to Building regs approval.

In the past week I have contacted the builder to forward me paperwork which would confirm that the works were carried out in accordance with local building regulations.

I received the following reply

Hi Steve,

I have no paperwork that relates to Building Control or Buliding regs approval this i have never charged for in the work we have carried out, and this if required should have been sought by yourself who makes the application and pays the costs.

I have contacted the local Building control and they say it should have had regs approval which they can still do on a retrospective, but its upto the home owner to apply and get the approval not the builder they will need structural engineers drawings and calculations also.

Hope this helps you out

Regards “

Is this acceptable for a member of the FMB to carry out structural alterations and not obtain building regs approval or at least advise at the time that I need such detail

I did ask the question at the time of him quoting whether approval was required and he said it wasn’t as building regulation approval was based on a square metre basis. I am sure he will deny this conversation took place so would be interested to know where I stand.

Have I been naïve in assuming that a member of the FMB would look after all these aspects for the customer?

If I am responsible for obtaining approval retrospectively what is the best way of doing this? I assume I will need to go back to the builder to establish the size of lintel they put in and hope that calculations result in that size lintel.
Realistically I don’t expect him to have calculations as this is probably routine work for him and he knows the size required.

How much detail would be required on the drawing?

All help much appreciated as the wife is currently giving me a lot of grief.

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In terms of the builder being on a 'register of approved builders'.......u should take such registers with a pinch of salt. If he was a reasonable enough chap then yes he should have mentioned 'u might need Bldg Regs on this mate'..........but he's under no obligation to really.

If your gona ask him to do works without any formal instruction (ie, drawings or in this case calculations) then he's just gona go ahead + do the works as he sees fit.

The struc engineer, application + subsequent inspection fees are not his responsibility, they are yours. He is only employed to do the works on site........he propably knows that you needed permission but couldn't be bothered waiting for everything to get approved as he had another job scheduled after yours.

In future go to the source of the issue - in this case ask the council direct + if they say ur ok without permission........get it in writing.

Ask the builder what beam he used + the end bearing etc. Employ an engineer to do the calcs for you, hope his recommendation at least has been matched by your builders choice of beam. Then contact the council witht the details, get it signed off + keep all the documentation saying the works has been done to Local Authority standards.
Many thanks for the reply peca27.

I guess I was a bit naive in expecting the full package.

I'll get back to the builder and fingers crossed, calculations will match installation.

Once again many thanks for taking the time to give such a comprehensive response.

All the best


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