repair only has to fail once and it's game over, and chances of it failing are greater if it's your first time attempting such a repair.

Absolute rollocks!

How do you know that the materials being used for the repair are not better than the original?
How do you know that they are not fixed on well? That the person doing the repair is not capable of doing such a repair?

Yes a botched repair can be dangerous but a well done repair can extend the life of a tool\ladders for years.

If you would not use a well repaired ladder then your a wimp!

The insults you are chucking at the OP are disgusting. :(

because he's asking on a forum if it's possible to buy the parts and doesn't know exactly what they're called. suggests he hasn't done many if any repairs of that nature.

I work at heights every day and trust my kit, but I wouldn't trust any critical kit that had been repaired by an amateur. if that makes me a wimp so be it. I call it being sensible.

what you say about repairs is true for most things but IMO not ladders.
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