Speaking of Step Ladders . . .

15 Apr 2005
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United Kingdom
Some bloke replaced our step ladders the other day at work. We had one set, the top step was 7-8 steps up, at about 5-6 foot. This was ideal for what we use it for, as the ceiling in the shop is 10-11 foot high. I didnt have to stand on the top step. The action of the ladder was smooth and easy to set up, and safe, rounded / rolled step edges. However it wasn't BS marked and didnt have a date or anything on it.

So these new steps . . .

You have to have the strength of a giant to pull the legs apart (like our lass) to stand them up - very very stiff on all joints.
The bottom step is 3 inches from the floor, the rest being about 9 inches apart - IMO this is dangerous, its caught me out a couple of times.
The top step is at about 4 feet high, and is actually a platform. I dont feel comfortable on the top step because the ladder isn't as wide as the old one, therefore the centre of mass is higher. However I have to stand on the top step to reach the ceiling.
We have walk-in fridge and freezer in our warehouse, and we store stuff on top of them. These units are about 6.5 feet high, and we need a ladder to get on top. I used o be able to get on the top step and get my knee onto the roof. Not now! I have to stand on the top step, shuffle round (i have big feet, small platform) and use my hands to lift myself and sit on the roof. Again, dangerous IMO and I get my arse mucky as well as my knees.
It has several sharp / unfinished edges on it, on the platform and the top "rung", which if struck with you'd know about it.
Now, putting the ladder away! The two side "stretchers" are meant to be lifted up in order to close the ladder. However I did this and caught my fingers when they came right together (and I was pulling very hard, its very stiff). Nowhere amongst the warning labels does it say finger trap!

The only "SAFER" thing about this ladder is that it has a "last inspected" date on it. There was nothing wrong with our old ladder!!!!! Give it back!!!!! Ruddy H&S!!! Whats the ferkin point? Sheer stupidity! I mean, when the hell did it become illegal to use "normal" ladders in workplaces?
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Why don't you throw yourself off it and then get on the blower to Accident-Not-Your-Fault-But-It-Was-Injury-Lawyers-For-Clumsy-Oafs?

They will fight tooth and nail to get you about 4 grand in compo*

*of which you'll see about £8.27
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just a case of the wrong selection of steps for the job? perhaps the person who changed them should look for a more suitable set? The original steps were just not up to todays standard in so much as they hadnt got the kitemark and therefore hadnt been tested to todays standards (notice i say todays standard, not necessarily agreeing that yesterdays standard wasnt as good if not better).
Safety views seem to change as regular as the weather, some rules come in due to previous accidents but that doesn't mean an old piece of equipment wouldn't pass todays tests if put through them( probably would as old equipment tended to be of better build quality) its just it hasnt got that insurance sticker(kitemark) that takes the liability element away from someones shoulders. ;)
I was pulling very hard, its very stiff

fnarr fnarr :LOL:

i would refuse to use them, just cos they have all the relevant safety bits and bobs doesnt mean they are fit for the particular purpose you wish to use them for.

if it turns out you are using them for the wrong purpose then the company will have to provide you with the correct equipment for that purpose.
I must ask the question, should you be going up ladders at your age anyway Steve? ;)
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