Leaking chimney stack

14 Jan 2023
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I’m hoping for some advice. This morning the other half walked under the loft hatch in the office and was dripped on.

I went up there and found this.

I’ve called some local roofers and have two coming out next week to quote. But, seriously, what is this I’m looking at. There’s expanding foam and I can see the tiles.

The brick work is the chimney stake so there is something clearly wrong with where the roof butts up to the chimney

What am I looking at in terms of work and cost? I’ve had bad experience with roofers in the past, so want to be prepared.


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Could be anything roof/Chimney related, just have to wait for them really.
Quite possibly the flashing has failed. Someone has tried to bodge it from the inside with foam which was never going to work
Probably the previous owners. They loved a bodge job… this isn’t the first thing we’re found that’s left us scratching our heads.
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I've just had a bad experience looking at your confusing photo.

Without pics of your stack - the flaunching - the pots/terminals - flashing - and pointing or render - its impossible to comment.

Ask the roofer's to take pics/video and give you a copy of their findings - share it with us.
Pictures from todays repair.


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Apparently, someone had used lots of small slips of lead for the flashing down the sides of the stack, had broken tiles and felt to feed a cable through the roof and only flashed above the tiles on the front of the stack.


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something don’t look right , I could be wrong but is water still going to get in from the sides where the little cuts at each tile are ?
I have no idea. Would need someone more learned than I to advise….
It was described as lead flashing alternative. Wakefield I think is what he said.
Well at least it goes over the ridge tile - that'll please some on here. I can't tell what type of alternative it is, having only worked in lead during my career. I reckon someone will tell you
Spoke to the local landlord, he’s recommended someone who works on old building like our. Coming out to have a look. He thinks it’ll hold for a while based on the photos, but said in summer the sealant will come away before the flash and has a chance to deteriorate…

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