leaky compression joint

19 Sep 2003
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United Kingdom
The 22mm pipe comes out of the floor and then has a right angle compression joint fitted (new) it keeps weeping no matter how much I seem to tighten it up. It has PTFE on the thread so its not from there.

What should I do now? is it drastic and requires removal then cut the pipe down and then fit a new olive? or will a smidge of sealant stop this?

Many regards in advance.
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PTFE tape can be a pain. Take the joint apart and use a bit of hemp and jointing compound, then do it up just enough, don't over tighten. You may have a score mark on the pipe, but this fix should cure it.
Depends on how much it been over tightened, dun it? Could try epoxy putty :eek: Just hope the poor guy hasn't got a combi to contend with as well. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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following on from this thread. Ive just done my first set of compression joints. twoof them had tiny leaks. I tightened the nuts another 1/4 turn. in each case I heard a barely audible ping sound. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? is it the sound of the olive clamping tightly on the tube or is it the sound of the olive deforming?

Both joints are still leaking ver slightly

any help v welcome

Can you not replace joint with a soldered fitting :?:
Best not to mess around with troublesome joints. It will be less stressful to fit a new compression joint if solder is not an option.
Alternatively use a jointing compound such as Boss White smeared on the olive or wrap ptfe tape around the olive. However if the joint is made properly these 2 are seldom needed ;)
It may seem obvious, but the olive is there to create a seal. Any water trying to escape will have to negotiate the gap between the inner wall of the fitting and the outer wall of the pipe. At the end of this corridor, it meets the olive. If this has sealed onto the pipe and and against the seat on the fitting, the water shouldn't even reach the thread on the fitting.

If the water does get past the olive, it then has a choice of exit routes, through the thread, or between the pipe and the inner bore of the nut. Personally, I don't see much milage in attempting to block these routes.

Instead, I prefer to leave the thread clean. This makes the tightening process easier and results in a cleaner looking joint. By all means use Boss White, or PTFE tape, but on the olive, not the nut!

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