Lec Fridge Freezer fan on constantly

16 Oct 2010
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United Kingdom
I have a 5 year old Lec TF5586W fridge freezer and the fan is on constantly and the temp in the fridge only goes down to about 10C even when turned up full but it freezes OK. This condition was noticed after it had been moved into the other room and back after a new kitchen was fitted. I can do basic electronics any suggestions appreciated.
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Is it close to a heater or in a warmer place?I had a similar problem with mine where the warm air heater blew hot air towards the fridge when the kitchen door was open (most of the time) until I re-directed the blades so it blew in the opposite direction.
Thanks for your reply. No it has been put back in the original position away from heaters and hot air.
I should just add that I have measured the power consumption and the compressor only comes on occasionally for short period. My first thought was the thermostat but why is the fan on constantly. I think its only supposed to come on with the compressor. Does anyone know where the thermostat is located.
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hey you dont want to be touching that electrical item :confused: :confused: :) are you a qualified refrigeration engineer with the certificate etc were talking dangerous electricity here : what you need is a proper leccy who knows this particular field . dont look in the yellow papes for a freezer repair man go to asda,s and look on the adverts section under the heading COWBOY :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
I have a plug in power meter and of course the the power would be unplugged before touching the thermostat. Ive been repairing stuff for 45 years but obviously not one of these.
I believe your model to be a frost free, so the first thing to do is leave it to defrost completely for min 24 hours. (Ice builds up where you cant see it)
Check the evaporator tray on the compressor does not overflow.

A thermostat usually fails totaly so you either have the compressor running all the time or not at all.
Have unplugged it and left at room temperature for 36 hours and powered back up. There was no water in the evaporator tray. Its been on now for 30 hours and the the temperature in the fridge is still above normal even though its set on 5 and the fan is still on all the time. The compressor comes on occasionally for a short period as before.
Any suggestions of what I can try next. Is it worth replacing the stat and if so where is it located.
I ended up getting a repair man in. Said it was the compressor over heating and switching off. Debated scrapping but decided to let him fit new compressor £80 plus labour. He said it looked like it was made by Beko.
Turned out not to be the compressor but a gas leak and after a couple of more goes the repair man gave me a refund as he guaranteed his work for 12 months which was very good of him. Bought new fridge freezer.

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