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6 Jul 2019
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United Kingdom

I am planning to do some work this year in July on my parents’ house which they bought 10 years ago, nothing considerable has been done on the house as they are can't afford the majority of the project that are present to them.

I am taking on the project to help them out and to make a change, right now I am in the process of ordering the stone window surrounding set so it's ready for next week. I've talked thing out with my parent and we are looking to integrate the security roller shutter in the tight space behind the stone head of the window set so that box doesn't appear ugly. we are also planning to put a tilt & turn aluminium window in the two opening and put in a lintel above the 180 x 180mm shutter box. I was thinking of replacing the timber lintel to a steel beam with 200mm end bearing on each side.

I will probably need to buy some arcow prop and some strong boy for this kind of job but don't know how many for a 600mm opening in a stone wall. probably 2, to support the timber floor joists inside and 4 for the window opening. Please let me know if am wrong.

At the moment I need some advice on what lintel to purchase on your but need reassurance on the right lintel for the job.

I will leave the detail below for your advice

Span of opening: 600mm

Wall construction: Stone Wall (solid wall) no cavity

Masonry height: 2m above, has roof load and floor joist bearing (2 storey)

I will leave photos of the natural window surrounding set plan and a few photos of the 2-storey house.

If you have any advice, I will be happy to listen

20190506_125048.jpg SmartSelect_20190707-024628_Keep Notes.jpg plan.jpg


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3 Sep 2006
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West Mids
United Kingdom
With that stone surround, isn't the top stone the lintel? For the inside, a 900mm 65mm lintel will do.

With stonework, acro props don't perform the same as with brickwork as there is no bond and stone does not self- support. 600mm is not a massive span, one prop will do, but probably no need for one but allow for removing the small section of stone above the opening as it may loosen and drop regardless. One prop and a 1.5m thick board will do for the joists.
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