loft light kit



Just a quick question on loft light kits. I bought one from a make/company 'Margo'

Its got
-1 Batten lamp holder
-1 gang 2 way switch
- 20A 4 terminal junction box
-10 mm 1 mm twin and earth cable
-16 mm pattress
- cable clips

I want to put it in loft 1 above bedroom 1. Do I just connect the Junction box to the supply cable of the light in bedroom 1 and connect new switch and loft light to junction box as well. Its got a digram with it showing this. My light in bedroom 1 has 2 cables going to it. One is a supply and the other goes from the light to the switch. Can I splice into the supply one with the junction box?
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No real need for the junction box unless the existing rose is very cramped and you change the wiring a bit too, also no splicing needed.

Take a feed from the existing light rose (perm live, neutral and earth) to the switch and from there to the new light (loop in switch). You could also take the feed to the new light and connect the new switch up in that (loop in rose).

The main issue of using the upstairs light circuit to feed the loft is that at times when it would be very useful to have light in the loft because you are working on the upstairs light circuit, you have to turn that circuit off. An alternative would be to take the loft feed from an upstairs socket but you would need to fuse down using an FCU for that so a bit more complex.
Yes, or, better still, do away with the junction box, then put the supply cable into the feed terminals in the ceiling rose or terminal blocks of the bedroom light fitting.

Could also take a feed off a socket.
here is the diagram and pictures of the bedroom 1 light.

I have also included a diagram and picture of the loft light kit.
The diagram that came with is shows the junction box spliced into the supply cable and then the new light and switch attached to the junction box. is this correct? and if so is the supply cable that its referring to the cable 1 that comes from the wall to the light in my own diagram?


here is the pictures

My light as it is now
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the wiring in the light rose
View media item 66013
The wireing at the pull cord switch
View media item 66014
the loft light kit
View media item 66012
the loft light kit diagram/instructions
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What's the best method to wire this in?

Method A
Take new cable from light rose (e,l,n) to switch then another new cable from switch to light batten.

Method B

In cable 1 splice into it using junction box and connect new light batten and switch to junction box as diagrams that came with kit suggests.

Method C

Take new cable from light rose (l,e,n) to junction box Then attach new light and switch to the junction box
The BIGGEST question is (if you dont mind me asking) how much is a Loft Light Kit ???

Around £10 on certain Very popular internet sites ( not sure if I can use names on here lol!)
Started method A and did not feel as it was a good idea due to it being different from the diagram that came with the kit.
so I'm going to follow the instructional diagram that came with it and splice into to cable going to the ceiling rose (cable 1) then attract new light batten and switch to junction box as well like it suggests. I feel better doing it this way and I take it that it should work OK and safe.

Thanks anyways for suggesting other ways.
So, why did you come on this forum, get all that good advice, and ignore it anyway? Method A is the best way of doing it.
So you have now introduced more joints onto the circuit (the joint box) which could potentially fail.

But for a little confidence, the cable could have been attached to that ready made EOL ceiling rose loop then on to the switch and finalement to the batten.

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