Long Reach Hedge Trimmer Advice

13 Nov 2008
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United Kingdom
I need to purchase a long reach hedge trimmer & 3 options available to me.
I am asking for your help / advice as to which i should get.


Titan as per photo & seller said it runs but needs carb tuning,two others supplied as shown in photo.

Two Ryobi all working,one straight & one curved.

I need to cut a 8ft hedge which will include the top.

Please advise what i should do,thanks


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You haven't said the prices, got a link to the ads?

If seller says carb needs tuning and knows that for certain, why doesn't he do it and command a higher price..
An adjustable head has advantages not just for the top of hedges/trees, but because you can stand away from the hedge and attack it from different angles.

I hired an adjustable 8 foot 2 stroke Stihl which was brilliant, but noted that if you can't see across the top of the hedge you won't get an accurate cut. The length of the head (600mm for the Stihl) also limits the depth of cut when cutting a hedge top at an angle.

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Those machines don’t seem to have done much work.....Ryobi have the spares situation sorted now.
Check the blades.....if they are blunt or chipped they need to be ground which is around the £45 mark.
John :)
I see a straight shaft & bent shaft.
Which do you advise ?

Am I correct that the heads will not turn through 90 degrees like the Titon.
If not I won’t be able to cut the top of the hedge.
Looking at your pics, one cutter is straight and not adjustable, the other is.
Both have advantages, but in my opinion cutting the top of a high hedge isn’t as obviously simple as you might think - you cant see whats really happening and cutting through a thick branch isnt so easy either.
Give me a pair of steps or a ladder every time, if possible!
If I had to choose between one or the other it would be the adjustable machine, and it would spend much of its working life in the straight position anyway.
You need to make sure the bevel gear mechanism gets regular greasing, similarly the mechanism within the sole plate.
John :)
Just found this local to home also £40


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With Stihl and Husqvarna machines, a grease tube is recommended. This screws into a grease point on the machine body and you dispense the lube by squeezing the tube like toothpaste.
Personally I dont find that this is enough so I remove the grease plug, drill it 5mm, tap it 6mm and screw in a grease nipple. I then pump in lithium grease until it oozes from the blades.
Ive found the life of the machine is greatly improved by doing this and as the heads are around £250 or whatever, its worth the modification.
John :)
Just got home from collecting the item shown above.

Looks like new as seller only used it once & now moving.

A real bargain

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