I am just a householder, but it seems to me that if you have an oldish system with some black sludge in it, a Magnaclean will stop it getting worse by trapping the new stuff, and a chemical clean (which will only cost you £15 plus some of your time) will loosen some of the existing sediment.

So at modest cost you will be better off than you were before.

At best it will save you having a future blockage, and save you hundreds of pounds on repairs and powerflushing.

At worst it will cost you £15 on chemical plus an extra £100 for a Magnaclean if you can afford it. When you see how much sediment you get out I guarantee you will be amazed and delighted.
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can anybody tell me how you easily identify the return pipe between the last rad and the boiler?
thanks for that johnd, i have heard some good reports on the magnaclean so will fit one (when i work out where it goes exactly), i just need to know whether i can do a powerflush myself or not. i am pretty good with the diy stuff and although i am not the oracle when it comes to CH systems i am learning!
can anybody tell me how you easily identify the return pipe between the last rad and the boiler?
If you mean 'which is the return, rather than the flow', then it's the cooler one. If you can't tell which is cooler, then shut off the rad for 30 mins and see which pipe gets hot first when you reopen the valve(s).

If you mean 'which is the last rad on the circuit', then you can only work it out by deducing how the pipework runs. Invariably it's one of the two rads nearest to the pump.
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i am completely lost as to where the magnaclean would go, the boiler is located in the garage with 2 pipes running into it. would the pipe it needed to be fitted to be in the airing cupboard?
Ah, I see what you mean now.

Ideally, it would go on the pipe that returns to the boiler, as far away from the boiler as possible.

Unfortunately, the majority of systems don't have enough visible/accessible pipework above the boiler to make this feasible, so the next best place is just after the pump.

If you post a photo of the pipework in your airing cupboard then you'll get some suggestions as to where it should/could go.
take some pictures of where the boiler is in the garage, I might suggest that its better than in the airing cupboard.

They can go anywhere in the system apparently tho!
Is the pump pumping upwards?

If so then the most interesting area is above the pump.
There's an arrow symbol rebated into the casting of the pump body, on the side.

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