Mains Water Supply Stopped - Any Suggestions?

1 Feb 2009
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
I turned off the internal mains stopcock earlier today so that I could fix a broken tap. Now when I turn it back on there is no supply. I briefly turned it back on and the off whilst I was doing the fix, in order to flush the loo and see whether the tap was ok. The supply came on and switched off fine at that point. Now it won't come on at all - taps are open, no supply.

The stopcock is a brass tap type and it opens and closes smoothly. It doesn't feel in any way broken, but there's nothing happening. I have tried turning it both ways to the full extent. I cannot see what could have happened to the stopcock.

The meter in the pavement is not ticking over (after a couple of hours). I have not touched the external stopcock.

Any help would be appreciated - I have no water!

Thanks in advance.
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Is it fitted the correct way round...check the arrow.

Pipe frozen outside?
Sounds like the gate has broken off the spindle. Easier to replace than repair if you can turn the mains off in the road.
It's the main stop tap so it wont be a gate valve. It's possible the jumper has stuck (internal movable thingy that has the washer attached to it), if you can get a large pair of grips on the top of the valve body & unscrew it then remove the afore said thingy you should have water. Don't forget to turn it off outside before you do it though.
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Really appreciate it, thanks! Kids have gone to their grandparents. I was guessing I'd need to switch off the supply outside, so that it'll be tomorrow now!

Thanks again.
Sounds like the gate has broken off the spindle

It's the main stop tap so it wont be a gate valve

Correct correction - either way, it's sounds like it's broken. If you want to try to remove the head gear as keego suggests, try to drain as much water from the system first and have a bucket ready to catch residual water from the pipework.
If there's no panic now, buy yourself a new stop tap tomorrow & fit that it'll make life a bit easier.
You could try turning the stoptap fully anticlockwise and then tapping the valve with a hammer.
Please read that sentence carefully. It does not mean bray 10 bags of sh1t out of it.
I have seen gate valves used to isolate mains water before even though they shouldn't. A gate valve has a Wheel head. A stop tap has a 'crutch' top like a T bar
But not a gate valve :oops: , unless you have a cold water tank in the loft and want to isolate the outlet pipe ;)

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