Maybe of interest to competent DIYers...

stop it.. you're just spoiling for a fight... you didn't even post in this thread untill you saw an oportunity to pick an argument with BAS..
Don't worry - he's not able to do that any more.

because he`s stood in the corner with his fingers in his ears going " I`m not listening, I`m not listening..."

usual thing - doesnt like what he hears because someone has pointed out that the "emperor isnt actually wearing any clothes...." and sulks, pointless really as no one was listening to him in the first place
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Absolutely correct. However one does not need to have a qualification to have the knowledge, and I have simply read up on the wiring regulations.

I agree, and im sure other Diy'ers will also agree. Apoligies that this is slightly off topic, its a 1 off post on this thread for me.

I cant speak for everybody, and yes i know i have come on here and probably asked questions which make me sound in-competant, or stupid.

But isnt that the point of this forum? To ask questions, and learn from the advice of people who know?.. We all have to learn from somewhere or somebody.

Having written qualifications is not always a good test of knowledge.. I mean, i manage some servers, and around 20 computers for a business that wholesales. I do it well, and they are satisfied with the work i do, its all done properly and securely. But ive never done an IT Exam.. its all been self taught, and from reading and experience.. same with cars.. im not a mechanic but ive rebuilt engines and repaired them, and plumbing. etc.. not a carpenter but i fitted 22 fire doors to standard a while back.

i might not be a qualified electrician. But in my case, i always thoughly make sure i know what im doing before i undertake a task, whats involved, what needs to be done, and the work i do is ALWAYS done to a safe standard, and meets the regulations, i am very safety concious and i check everything many times over..

as i said in previous post... before part P i had wired up entire circuits, and installed a CU in an outside building, using armoured cable, rigged up 22 room tv distribution systems, earth bonded everything correctly.. and had an electrician be impressed with the work i have done. Whenever i lay cable, its also properly joined, clipped back or mechanically protected.. i never put cable outside unless its in trunking above ground or SWA. I understand the important of load splitting, earthing, correct cable sizing and general common sense safety. As im sure alot of other DIYers do on here.

and theres nothing stopping somebody from going out.. buying the IEE 17th Edition Wiring regulations.. reading it front to back and knowing all the regulations and standards.

Im not saying this as an argument, just saw that comment and i completely agree with it, and i get fed up of being told.. get a professional. Yea thats probably the best thing to do.. but if somebody is competant to an extent, knows safe practices, with a little guidance, and help.. whats stopping them doing a job as good as any professinoal? as long as its all above board and legal thats all that matters.

This thread is an example,

Even though his work wasnt 100% up to standard, instead of guiding and telling him the correct way to do it, which is the point of this forum.. for DIYers to seek advice and guidance from those who know.

He was instead discouraged from doing the work at times, even though it may or may not have been in his best interests to of gotten in a professional. and if it didnt work in the end he would of found that out for himself.

But he made an effort, and tried to go about it legally by using building control.

If he didnt want to get a professional, because he wanted to do it himself.. he should of been guided on how to complete it safely instead of letting him go about it dangerously. The whole reason part P exists is because of incidents like the hall of shame pictures, and to uphold and increase standards..

We all have to learn from somebody or somewhere.

Again.. i didnt post it to cause an argument or anything, just agree with that comment, and wanted to make a point that qualifications arent always a proof of knowlegde.. because as said competant people can read the regulations, and take it word for word, implement it and carry out a task safely and if they are working from the same rulebook, as somebody qualified.. then the work carried out will be to the same standard.

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