Miele washer dryer hard to level

19 May 2005
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United Kingdom
This is a bit of a saga ...

If you've seen one of these miele's you'll know they're fncking heavy. This is normally a good thing as it adds to stability and can be totally silent on a 1600rpm spin.

Mine was originally sound on a poured screed floor in the kitchen but a new kitchen due to water damage and repeatedly having to pull the machine out as the fitter didn't leave enough room to get it in meant:

a) the rubber covers on the original feet broke apart exposing the metal pegs, which
b) with repeated moving the machine around as it walked around its new space began to tear up the screed floor

The end result is its getting impossible to level.

Replacement miele feet are £15 a corner :eek:

B&Q variety are ok but split after one or two shoves.

I'm thinking I need to take up the screed floor and re-pour with a harder grade and work out a better solution for the feet. Would also screw some batten to the floor to stop it ever walking up against the butlers sink its next to.

Any word of advice much appreciated what to do here as I hate having it not running right :cry:

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