Might have messed up a simple DIY crack filling, please help

12 Feb 2022
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United Kingdom
Hi folks,

I wanted to fill the cracks in my room and saw multiple videos which showed how to expand the crack with a 7-in-1 and then fill it in. Well, when I started expanding the cracks, with some of them, it kept getting bigger and bigger with a lot of sand / small stones falling off! I now have a 10 inch long crack that's 1 inch deep (photos attached).

The only things I have are a soudal expanding foam and one strike filler

Would it be fine if I just sprayed some water, filled these with expanding foam and later coat it over with my filler? If not, can you folks please let me know the best way to deal with these and what else I should buy? Any help appreciated, thanks!


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Vacuum dust out.
Mix pva 3-1 ish (can use small wood glue bottle vs big 5lt) apply. Lash on..
Leave a few hours to dry.
Easyfill 20 fill.. Work in but if it starts sagging remove some. When setting fill again. Damp sponge edges. When setting fill again.
When dry which will be 7+ days sand.

Trick is with easyfill is to mix up batches every 30 mins or so and keep filling over when setting or set.
Easyfill don't like sticking to itself when dry you see so keep filling over until smooth.
Also building out with batches it won't sag or start cracking
Hi, If that was me I would buy a filler not foam. To messy and a pain unless your a pro cos I’m not.
Plasters use a plaster for Deep hole you can buy goes like concrete. Then they plaster over the top for smooth finish. Could use that for deep hole then filler Over top to smooth.
Just an idea
Thanks for the suggestions folks, hopefully Toupret works as well as easyfill; I'll not use Soudal then, cheers.
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I use toupret vs easyfill. Just the cost and amount needed made me think easyfill.
Plasterboard bonding would be the cheapest but you will have too much left over
Toupret will dry faster
Hi, If that was me I would buy a filler not foam. To messy and a pain unless your a pro cos I’m not.
A pro normally wouldn't use expanding foam to fill gaps in walls unless there were soecial circumstances - foam is used more to seal around doors, windows, pipes, etc where absolutly nothing else will work
When I've come across cracks like that I've usually found the plaster has blown and come away from the brickwork. Trying to fill them in is a cheap/short term remedy because it usually means a proper re-plastering job before too long.
Filling will bind the edges holding it firm.
Foam is not the product to use.
Really is not difficult if you use some pva to firm up and let it dry. Then fill a bit at a time.

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