Mild Steel unions using hemp and Hawkwhite

6 Apr 2006
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United Kingdom
Hello, I only recently qualified as a plumber, and I've not done any work on mild steel pipe, using a die to cut threads since my college days.

If I remember corectly, the method you use when making am joint is to,

1/ Cut your pipe, and use a die to cut a male thread into each end.

2/ Clean oil etc from the ends and apply Hawk White

3/ Wrap hemp in the direction of the thread (So in won't unwind while doing up the union?

4/ Maybe put on more hawkwhite??????

5/ Use a pair of steelsons to tighten up the coupling on the pipe.

Now please correct me if I've said anything wrong, I know you are not taught to use PTFE or the like. Only I've been putting hawkwhite on in spades, and I will be wet testing the installation tommorow and I'm sure its going to be a sprinkler system not a nice dry run of pipe. cheers fella's,

Danny :oops:
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I know I'm replying to my own post...which is V sad...but pls help if you can, I wouold rather sort it before I have to drain down etc!
No, you def dont weld this pipe. Its only 1/2 inch. Its just done with the threaded seal. The idea is the hemp swells up to make the seal, like a fibre washer.

I know I'm close, because I'd remember welding it at college and I dont! I just need afirmation.

Its the pipe that is used on sprinkler systems and the like.

Thanks though!
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2and3 are put the hemp on ,then the jointing compound :p Pre-pubescent forum only ;)you should go back to school and scrutinise yourself
That wasn't too painful was it, oh and if I wanted to have my spelling scrutinised I'd go back to school. Cheers, chum....p.
Danny, wilhelm was a gifted child, he doesn't mean anything by anything he says, he just says it. Ignore what he says and give him a cheery wave if you see him out with his carer.

Nige F is generally a helpful chap, though lately his Alzheimer symptoms show a little.
I see. Christ, that was more painfull than just going in tommorw and filling the bast up.
I think I`m following Corrie too closely, I`m scrutinising Mike Baldwin`s Dementia and decline :oops:It`s his larst episod tomrow :cry:O level English Sonny, before you were born retired now like Mike........out on the Glof course tomorrow
I'm suprised you have time for TV soaps inbetween your job as a plumber and English teacher :eek:

You are as mad a hatter mate. Still wish I was on the golf course tommorow. Cheers for the help.
Presumably you know when to use tapered threads and when to use parallel.

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