MK1 Fiat Punto Trailing Arms

6 May 2009
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United Kingdom
Good Morning,

I am currently doing the above job on a 98' S Reg Fiat Punto Mk1. I have come to a slight problem, there are 3 bolts on the underside of the trailing arm (all holding the anti roll bar) to the bottom of the rear arm. These bolts are completley rounded & seized (it looks as if someone has had a go before myself!).

I have tried every method of removing these bolts (heat, easing oils, ring spanners, over length bars for extra torque) none of these are working. I feel I am going to have to cut these bolts away.

Problem is they are very hard to access, would the best idea be to cut an X in the head of the bolt then drill it out, if so how am I going to get in to cut then drill ??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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They are 13mm but as I said above, all really badly rounded looks as though someone has tried with a 12mm or 14mm and ruined the heads.

They are definitley not left handers m8.

I realise this thread is quite old, but still appears on a google search. for anyone else who finds this thread having the same trouble,

I had to cut a cross in the head of the bolt with an angle grinder, between a big hammer, some wd40 and a foot long flat head screwdriver on its side to be able to use it as a leverage bar to pull the bolt round, i managed to get the last one undone.

the bolts are 60p each from stoneacre fiat dealer, so cheap enough to replace.
If there is enough room, slip a larger nut over the top and weld it on through the middle. You will get much better purchase on the larger nut and the heat will help loosen it.