Mods? Admins?



Does anyone know who the currently active mods or admins are? I've tried raising a support ticket, messaging DIYnot and posting. The only others I've found are years out of date, even DIYnot hasn't been on in 4 months. Someone must be doing it - how do you contact them?
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Push the alert mod button then in the box write.

"Is there anyone there" :LOL:
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It isn't difficult to find out who owns a domain name by using one of the domain name lookups on the Internet
Thanks for the suggestions. I've lost the will to live asking the question - typed it out 3 times already and sent by different means so I was hoping that whoever was responsible for what happened might be courteous enough to reply.

@ mod 9, there isn't a post to alert the moderators to which is sort of the problem.
Ceres, apologies for the lack of replies, I'll send you a reply shortly.

PS The last update four months ago replies to the profile page and doesn't refer to overall activity. I am usually on DIYnot daily doing one thing or another ;)