More important issue

a cat will go to the home with the best food what are you feeding them with?
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a cat will go to the home with the best food what are you feeding them with?

Seriously though, whiskas (wet and dry food) - has suited her up to now. As said elesewhere, we need to determine who's feeding her, and ask them to stop.

Who knows what goes on it a cat's mind!
It will not be the food then.
you did say it is a female. they never know what they want :rolleyes:
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we lost our cat for 6 weeks once, somehow it had gone about a mile and was living on a roof at the back of a cafe. WE got him back and afetr about a day he was fine again. We also had problems with our latest cats, when one became playmates with next doors cat. Trouble was next door feed him so he kept dissapearing off. We told them that he has a special diet from the vet and asked them to stop feeding it so they did.

If you see it around, its worth a walk at night when its quiet and see if it will approach......then grab the bugger
Not inviting an argument or abuse of any sort :eek: .....BUT.....

I think cat owners should pay a fine of some description for 'losing' them.
Roaming cats used to sh*t in my garden on a regular basis.

If you have to clean other peoples pet sh*t of your garden before you can let your son out to play, or brothers that visit with young nephews and nieces, it kind of p1sses you off.

Inconsiderate cat owners don't give a monkeys conundrum about other people's property.
Once they let their cats out of the back door, and comfortably settle their ars*'s down to watch blockbusters, they give 'not a jot' of thought or consideration as to where they are going, and more importantly, whose lawn they are going to be sh*tting on.

If dog owners were to do this...........they'd be hell to pay.....rightly so.
Lamb, you may have a point up to a point. Trouble is, cat's aren't readily containable within the boundaries of a house, unlike relatively subservient mutts, and children.

I do not want my cats to go next door, nor anywhere else. I could keep them entirely within the confines of the house, but this doesn't seem particularly right for such a species.

So, on behalf of cat owners, let me offer my unconditional and heartfelt apology to anyone who has had a roaming pet upset their status quo, and caused any inconvenience.

Now, if you don't mind, I'm off for a stroll, armed with some catnip!
sorry but all i read was some *******s about cats roaming and crapping, didnt see how that tied in at all with the question he posted or how it was relevant. When do owners of lost dogs get fined then. :rolleyes:
The last cat I had, which was many years ago, went missing.
Found it about a week later, slung over a wall, they may be resilient but the don't like the front end of a motor. :(
Always one to look on the bright side. :eek:
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