More important issue

Both been neutered and microchipped.
joe-90 Posted: Sun Feb 21, 2010 4:28 pm Post Subject:


Animals wandering is a method nature uses to strengthen the gene pool. Think of it as a holiday romance.
How does that work if neutered?
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Dex, I just snapped a cap off a cold one .... cheers. I'm happy for you. It's good to know people like yourself really care for their pets.
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Nice to have a happy ending............ :)

Can't stand anyone who dislikes animals, they have as much right to live as we do.
I've always wondered what part of scotty they wanted to be beamed up? :eek:
my brother in law left our house one night last week and phoned about 2 mins later to ask if our cat was in, i went to check and told him no, oh he said i think i have just seen it at the side of the road, it aint moving so it doesnt look too good, i went round and had a look (not a pretty sight) couldnt really tell, was the right colour etc but thought it looked a bit thin, based on probability that it was on the round behind our house and often came back in over the back wall, i kinda thought it was him, put it in a bag and walked back home, worried about what to tell reggie & ronnie in the morning and thinking i would need to take it to the vet or something to check it was mine as it is chipped and to ask them to dispose of the body, put it in the garage till morning, about 2hrs later heard a scratching at the back door, thought i was hearing things but opened door to find our cat scratching to get in :D shocked and pleased then wondered whos cat i had cleard up :eek:
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