moving a double 13a socket (up) by about 30cm

17 Aug 2005
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United Kingdom
I need to move a double 13a socket (up) by about 30cm that I have identified is part of a ring main.

Trouble is while the supply cable will reach to the new required height, the "out" cable to the next socket in the ring will not (its buried mostly in the wall).

Question is can I simply extend this cable with a 30a junction box + cable to the new higher socket? And if so should I bury the junction box in the wall with the cable?

All of this is happening in a kitchen - under the worktop area. Thanks in advance.
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As long as the JB is accessable for inspection and testing purposes there shouldn't be a problem. If the out cable run horizontally to the next socket you need to leave the accessory box in view, i.e. blanking plate as opposed to plastering over.
Thanks a lot for the swift, concise reply. very much appreciated. I shall have to come here more often. :D
Just a thought: if it's all hidden in a cupboard, why not just add the new socket, leaving the existing one in place? New socket would be wired "before" the existing one, so the "too short" outgoing cable stays where it is, the new socket has the feed cable and a short link cable to the existing socket.

Cost: a double socket and a short length of 2.5mm² T&E
Benefit: Much less hassle!


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elaboring on what howard said. I had a similar problem to what you did but I swapped my 2 gang socket for 2 singles and extended the ring in between. That way you ensure that all sockets are still on the ring. :D

Ah an inspired idea! Many thanks for sharing the info. Much appreciated. :D
I take it you are aware of the requirement to notify your local council's Building Control department about this socket move in advance?
You could crimp, heat shrink and bury if you don't want the extra junction box / socket box.

It is part p notifiable. But to Diy it with LABC notification will cost you £250.

My LABC charge £180

Then you need to get it certified - I'd guess at least another £50

Materials £12

Good luck with it.

arctic said:
My LABC charge £180

Then you need to get it certified - I'd guess at least another £50
No - LABC do that - that's part of what you pay them £180 for.
Thats exactly why people wont bother informing LBC, too bloody expensive for a simple job, legal requirement or not.
yeah i agree.

Mine was £90 but that was for a rewire so worth it.

I wouldn't blame joe bloggs for not declaring it, its not like building controls can actually check.


Thats not what I have been told by my LABC and their paperwork also confirms that the works "Must" be tested and then certified by a competent person.

I've done a C&G 2381 and this weekend I'm on an Niceic Testing and Inspection course but this isn't good enough for them, they are insisting that the works are tested and then certified by a Part P qualified Sparks. The guy didn't even want to check the first fix, I asked wether he wanted to inspect before I plastered over the chasing in I had done, but he said, I just need to see a certificate at the end from a certified person.

I'd love to know what you think of that!

Sorry about the thread hijack.
Thanks for the links slippy and ban (for writing them)

I will call LABC again and see what I can sort out.

I got the impression last time I sopke to the guy there that he really couldn't care. Almost encouraged me to complain in writing.

Thanks again,


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