Moving Consumer unit.

3 Apr 2012
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United Kingdom

My consumer unit is in the garage, just above the main incoming cable. I want to move my consumer unit over 3 metres from the main fuse (tails etc.

What will i need to do this? and what size cable will i need to use, the consumer unit is a split 15 way both protected by RCBs.

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Obvious question; WHY do you want to do this?

Obvious statement; this is a job for an electrician really.

You say 3 metres. How long would you therefore expect the tails to be in that case?

By tails I mean the cables that go between the meter and the consumer unit.

Tails shouldn't be any longer than 3 metres. If longer you need to fit a switch fuse near the meter end.
And the meter tails are permanently live unless you get the DNO fuse pulled

You say "above the fuse" Does that mean you want the meter moved as well
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The incoming supply is one of the major issues.

Another major issue is that you will also have to extend the earths and bonding as well as each and every circuit that connects to the consumer unit. How were you planning to do that?
Thanks sparkwright, i will not be doing the job, just want to get an idea for when the electrician quotes for the job.

Just been having a look at fused main switchs, what size fuse will need to be fitted in it? Also would 16mm2 cable be enough, from the consumer unit to the fused main switch?

The cable will be run on a wall in a garage that is attached to the house. The cable run between the 2 will be about 5 meters.

With respect, Dave
All of this is work that requires an experienced eye to determine the requirements. It is impossible to determine this sort of thing over an Internet forum and it would be irresponsible for anyone to try and give you cable and CPD sizes without seeing the job on site.

If you are looking at budgets, then the difference between 5 metres of 16mm and the same length of 25mm tails is minuscule. Supply fuses are about the same price in any rating.

This is a site for DIY electrical jobs and this is not one of them!

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