Moving of Toilet when waist pipe is set in concrete

13 Apr 2010
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United Kingdom
Morning all,

I've been instructed by the boss (OH) that she would like the down stairs toilet moving slightly! So basicly what I'm looking to do is to rotate and move the toilet back a short distance in the WC room. This would not be a small problem normaly however the waist pipe is set into the concrete floor of the WC.

So my question is how's best to do this, I've drawen a rough plan to explain the layout and what I think I can do using a Flexible ABS pan connector, but any other idea's?

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Yes you can do that - but it`ll look awful ( to a plumber ;) ) have you considered getting a high level cistern - they are becoming fashionable again , and can be found on eBay. If you`ve got the height in the room - ie. not under the stairs . That way the pan goes right back to the flushpipe that is fixed to the wall .
Thanks Nige

Thats a good I can do what she wants!

With reference to the "high level cistern ...That way the pan goes right back to the flushpipe that is fixed to the wall ." Not sure how this would help as have plenty of space in front of the toilet and its just the pipe routing I have an issue with. But you never know I might as the OH what style she wants.
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To late for that one! If I dont do it I get told I'll get someone in!!

Now I'll just have to make it look nice now It might well be a false wall but never mind, its only money and time.

Just glad I dont have to rip up the floor and change the under ground pipe work.
The exisiting position looks the best and most ergonomic position to me from your plans, as well as being the neatest (no boxed soil pipe)

Why does she want to move it ?

Have you sussed how far your face will be from the opposite wall when you're sat on the toilet in the new position ?!

Ok sorry maybe pmy plan is not quite to scale, but the room will be wider than that, so yes you will be able to sit on it with legs.

But the reason for moving is the fact that we have a long WC which is narrow currently, and the plan is to move the washing machine and a kitchen sink into the room, while moving the current stud wall out by a good 1 to 1.5 ft.

So I've updated the plan,

any other idea's I'm willing to accept.....
Just had brain wave! So a second question to this in two parts no dout!. I wonder if the waist pipe flows into the rain water run off just out side . If this is the case Can I not just extend that pipe upwards and then attach from the external all with a vent pipe over the single story extension roof? But then block off the waist pipe thats in the contrete. If this is the case how best is it to block it off so I dont have issues with it later plus sort out the rain water run off?
unless your house is very old, the rainwater and foul drains are separate. Rainwater might go to a soakaway under your lawn, or possibly to a nearby stream. So it is an offence, and revolting, to send foul waste into a rainwater drain

(in some old houses, they are combined, but this can cause sewage to overspill in heavy rain)
OK great thanks must just be very close or the waste pipe runs under the kitchen floor with I dout. The house is a 1920's but the extension were the toilet is currently is 1980's.

Think its a digging excersie one day very soon to find the pipe.
Well just check the plans to the externsion and the rain water does run into the foul drain! The externsion was built in 1982 so Building regs must have been on the blink back then!

Its going to be intresting trying to connect them!

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