moving sockets in a kitchen

29 Feb 2004
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United Kingdom

I'm about to gut my kitchen and do a refit, at the moment my sockets are above worktop level and I want to move them out of sight, below.

So ,should I fit blanking plates and just extend new cable to new boxes or is there some kind of robust junction box i can fit which could be buried in the wall, the latter would be harder if it can be done, but would look better


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if your gutting the kitchen anyway then why not forget blanking plates and junction boxes and route some new cable properly?

is this feasible for you? would certainly be the best option i think (maybe the most work aswell but better outcome). suppose it all depends on where the cables enter and leave the kitchen but id consider it.

dont fancy the juncton box option, you never know in the future if somebody's guna drill through the wall or knock it through not knowing that there's some cables there.

also are you aware the work your planning to do may be notifiable?
frostbitehg said:
I'm about to gut my kitchen and do a refit, at the moment my sockets are above worktop level and I want to move them out of sight, below.

Please don't. What's the point of sockets you can't use?

And, as IS has indicated, this is notifiable work; if you're going to do the job at all, do it properly in full compliance with the building regulations.
are all your appliance leads long enough to reach a socket below the worktop, fixed to the fabric of the building (ie. the back wall)?

last time i looked, my kettle only has about 18 inches, the toaster is about the same. and the worktop is 24 inches deep. hmmmm . . .

have you really thought about this? a nice neat row of sockets can look quite pleasing. and they are available in so many styles nowadays.
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Joints in cables must be accessible, so you cant bury a connection box in the wall.
Thanks for the replies people :)

I really do want to hide these sockets as I also think it's looks neater so I think it's going to have to be blanking plates as I don't think re-running the cable is a practical alternative, incidentally, the gutting is, laying a floor levelling compound, fitting new kitchen units and then re-plumbing so for op's reference,which part is notifiable work?

Please could you just clarify one point.

Are you intending to leave the blanking plates on show, or are you planning on plastering / tiling over them?
as far as I know, they'd have to be on show!!! pleae correct me if I'm wrong

..and having the blanking plates on show will look neater than having useful sockets on show? I don't get it. I just finished a kitchen with sexy black tiling and equally sexy chrome sockets/neon FCUs - looks really great and is practical too.
Install ban's Socketwall and save money on tiling.

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