Need advice on kitchen decorating

7 Jan 2014
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone

I live in a rented flat and the landlady has said we can decorate if we want to. Now I dont want to redo the entire place due to the cost but the kitchen is starting to look really bad.
Luckily half of it is tiled but the top half isnt and the old wall paper is really starting to come off and there is even mould in one corner (even though we always have a window open to ventilate the room).

When I look under the paper on the good walls some looks like its smooth dry wall underneath (although feeling gritty from the old paste) and other sections look like they have a paint layer thats breaking off.
What would the best plan be? I want white walls but if they are really bad underneath then I guess im going to have to re-paper it. Am I right in thinking I could do that and then paint that if it needs it?

Around the window is where the mould is. Ive currently attacked it with some mould killer but I know its under the wall paper which is coming off.
If I take off this paper and kill the mould will it be ok to just paint or re-paper? Any tips on making sure it doesnt come back (keep in mind I cant afford much).
A lot of the walls are taken up with cabinets. Would I have to get them off if I have to re-paper?

Im hoping to get some Kitchen/bathroom paint soon from the landlady to repaint the bathroom ceiling that shes just paid to be re-plastered after it came down thanks to a leak from upstairs so I should have that if I can repaint the kitchen.

Also, some if the tiles have a horrible brown flower on them. Is there some way to cover it up? I was thinking it would be nice to have them as different bright colours (I have one of those colourful knife sets that I want bits in the kitchen to match).
Ive looked at tile paint but I cant find any in the colours I would want. Im a modelmaker and sometimes the same type of paint used on cars (cellulose) is used for spraying models (figured I could get it in some great colours). If I prepare and prime the surface does anyone think this would last on the tiles?
As the tiles dont get scrubbed hard could just a ceramic craft paint be used? I have an airbrush so that would work for them.

Thanks for any advice.
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