Need advice painting walla in 2 different colours


18 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
I'm painting a room
I've decide to have 2 shaded
Everything done - apart from corners - this is what separates the 2 colours
(I've painted both walls in different colours and have just left 10cm on either side of the corner)

Question: how do I get a perfect line??

EDIT: what I've actually done is gone over the corner line with the lighter colour - I thought once I figured out how to do the perfect line, it'll be OK since the darker colour will just cover the lighter one

I've seen it any many books - like paint colour brochures and the finish looks flawless

I'm just not sure where to start??

Any advice would be great



AND: Merry Xmas on Xmas day to those reading this post! :)
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thanks for the reply
i did a search on the net
and found an answer - they say to simply use masking tape - and that's it - nothing else really required?

using a brush is ok - but then u get lines and streaks surely? and not the same flat look as what u get with a roller?
It's just about impossible to cut in in a corner with a roller.

Usually I can cut in with a 2" brush, then use a roller on the big areas.

You may feel more confident with a 1" brush.

Practice is the secret. I've had so much practice cutting in I find it hard to mess it up.

You are right to apply the lighter colour first.

You need a steady hand, take your time. Use a downward stroke with the brush. Brush out any excess paint as you see it.

Masking tape can make more of a mess if you are not careful.

You should aim for crisp, continious edges. Don't worry about very slightly overlapping the corner, just keep the line nice and straight looking.

Be careful not to splash the other colour surface, as it can be hard to remove without leaving a bit of a mark.
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Sparkwright are you a deccy or sparky?

Agree with everything sparkwright says here and also get yourself a good quality brush, i.e. Hamilton synthetic for emulsion.
thanks for the replies guys - instant notifications of replies don't seem to be coming through to me - i would have replied sooner

i've completed the work and now have 2 walls in 2 different colours!
i used masking tape

only problem is: it's well dodgy!

the thing is: I've had enough and i just don't care!
i give up - it's too much work!

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