Need help with fitting light switch - screws don't budge


18 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
I'm trying to fit a new light switch.
I got from tool station.
The screw for the wires do NOT want to move. I can screw out, but I can't screw in.
Just wanted to know if I was doing something wrong?

This is the new light switch:

I've highlighted in red the 2 screws that won't budge.

This is the old light switch:

Com = Common - I assumed.

1 and 2 on the new switch corresponded to 1 and 2 on the old socket?
Just wanted to check.

I'll wait for replies to my question before taking back. It was only £2 - the petrol cost will be more than that to get a new one. LOL.
(The switch was MK and not the cheapest make they have.)
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It's MK, who supply items with screws already out, supposedly to save time.
They are frequently seized in place so they can't move.

Applying excessive force may release them.
If not, other manufacturers of switches are available,
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Thanks for the replies.
I tried using excessive force. The head of the screws were getting damaged though.
I'll give it another go though.
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MK are not what they used to be.
There again, they never were!.
MK are not what they used to be.
There again, they never were!.
TBH I've never thought MK were worth the exorbitant cost. Years back my favourite was always Bill, loads of copper and brass and proper springs in ceramic castings
Years and years of trouble free use.

When We refitted our kitchen about 2000 I splashed out on MK DSSO's with neon, needed 7, purchased 10. Currently only 2 left... 80% failure rate. Those Bills fitted for DW, WM, tumble drier still there. Rest of house rewired about 1994 using mostly Homebase own sockets at a fraction of MK price... I believe not a single failure.
My old dad was a manager of an electrical contractor and swore by MK with Crabtree a close second, but that was back in the 70s through to the 90s. I have replaced all the light switches and most sockets in my house (Built 2000) with MK and not had a problem yet - I did have a few that had tight screws but not seized as I remember. The original accessories were Eagle (?) brand that the builder put in and many had failing switches within 10 years
I think many favoured two favourites in the late 60s/early 70s era of MK and Crabtree , MK original logic were slimmer and had square corners whilst crabtree were more chunky and had rounded corners. MK switched sockets were only single pole switching whereas Crabtree were double pole switching, I think MK won more than Crabtree because of the looks. Personally of the two I preferred Crabtree. I found from wholesalers they reported more MK returns than Crabtree. Contactum then did slightly rounded corners but a bit thicker than MK but not as thick as the chunky Crabtree, they started to become more popular than MK especially due to price. I know a couple of local wholesalers who stocked both MK and Contactum and they told me the ratio of sales Contactum to MK was as much as 10 to 1, but most number of returns was MK not Contactum. I stood in for a wholesaler for about 7 years of Saturdays (it was originally planned to be about 6 weeks) and I noticed the same. Then MK changed to logic 2 with rounder corners, DP switching and a more futuristic sloping front at the top and Contactum had a management buy out. I still prefer Contactum as more reliable and I`m not too keen on the MK ones.
I might have a slanted view though.

PS - back in those days RCDs were not called that. They were called Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers and there were two basic types, Voltage or Current operated. Of course the current operated were what we now called RCDs and the Voltage type were becoming phased out because they were becoming unintentionally bypassed
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