Need to replace bath trap but can't find similar size ends

19 Nov 2012
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United Kingdom
I need to replace the trap on my bath. The end that goes on the bath has a standard size nut on it. (Is "nut" the right term in this case?).

The other end, which attaches to the threaded end of existing waste pipe, has a much bigger nut on it. It's this end that I'm struggling to find anything to match. Pictures below ...
Standard end:
View media item 52827Larger end:
View media item 52826Am I able to get an adapter, or will I have the saw off the end of the existing pipe?

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Is yours like this?[/QUOTE]Thanks for the reply. It doesn't look (to my untrained eye) like the one you linked. The piece I'm trying to replace does have a flexi-pipe on it that connects to bath overflow.

Here's the bath and waste pipe ends (what a mess I found under the bath!):
View media item 52828The trap end with the large nut connects to the white waste pipe thread in the foreground.

The other joints on the waste pipe are solvent welded.
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The threaded part still attached to the waste pipe is part of the old trap.

If you can't seperate the pushfit joint, cut the pipe and replace the whole trap with one of your choice. Use a universal compression fitting to extend the cut waste pipe if needed.
Ah wow, thanks. :oops: I should have gone with more brute force, but in this case my ignorance (or assumptions) got in the way!!

Is that sort of push fit stuff going to cause problems in the long run, i.e. should I replace that whole run while I'm in there? Thanks again!!
Personally i prefer less pushfit the better and solvent looks neater.
Thanks, make sense.

It seems to be difficult to find traps with overflows. Any reason why I shouldn't connect the overflow on my bath to a (washing machine/dishwasher) hose connection on a trap, for example. Would need to make sure the overflow hose is the right size to connect of course.
What's wrong with the one Iddy gave you a link to ? I prefer these type better as they don't require the depth and cutting holes in the floor to fit.

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