26 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
I currently have a Diplomat Oven which is 4.8kw (totaling up all the three elements, light and fan it comes to 4866W) and is wired into an MK Cooker cable outlet plate and then switched by an 45 Amp DP Switch and back to the consumer unit with a Wylex Plug-in MCB's rated at 30amps. It's on a radial circuit with nothing else connected too it.

My Questions are:

I want to wire in a Neff Hob rated at 8400w (has five rings) can I wire it into the MK Cooker cable outlet plate along with the oven? both the hob and the oven are less then 2 metre's from the MK Cooker cable outlet plate and 45amp DP switch.

Whilst the cabling from the consumer unit to the cooker (via the cooker out let plate and 45Amp DP switch) seems suitable (pretty thick but i need to sure it's up to the job) i can't actually see what thickness the cores are (yet). The only length of cable I can actually view current is from the cooker cable outlet plate to the oven and that has the details "DRAKA U.K BS8004 (could be BS6004 hard to make out if it's an 8 or 6) and BASEC

If I can wire it I assume that i will need to replace the MCD rated
currently rated at 30amps with something more suitable.

Thanking those in the know for there much valued constructive feedback.
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Hi Chivers7,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I looked at the various cables (for sale via the links from this site) having posted the question and concluded it was 6 rather than an 8.

So if i dump the oven (my wife doesn't like it as it fails to warm the kids oven chips up like our last one at our previous house) and wire in the hob only it we be o.k?

We have ordered a new kitchen unit to install an inbuilt eye level double oven which was going to involve a new radial circuit/cable as it was over 2metre away from the current 45amp DP switch etc.
Depending on the circuit length & cable size, you can have in the region of 16kW, providing you don't have a socket outlet on the circuit, using diversity.
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Thanks for the reply

The cable size is 6mm and the cable run length is approx 17metres.

I decided to just wire the hob in the end the only thing i was a little unsure of was the 30A MCB, is this o.k or do i need to change for a different rating? I now need to consider how I will run the additional radial circuit for the oven (which was going to replaced and a new unit installed in a different area of the kitchen thus requiring a new dedicated circuit due to the requirement of no more than 2m between the 45DP switch and the oven).

I can access and run a new 6mm cable (from the consumer unit) alongside the existing 6mm cable to the hob the issue is where i drop this cable down to the where the ovens going to be. I have boxed in waste pipe which drops down from the shower room above in to the kitchen and thought i would drop the cable down inside this. Fit a dry lining type box into the plywood boxing around the waste pipe along with a 45DP switch, the kitchen was only recently refitted by the property developer and i didn't really want to start removing cupboards and chipping tiles off etc. Do you view this as being acceptable solution?

Thanking you advance for your assistance.

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