Neighbours from hell



I wish to ask your advice on this.

A neighbour who had a moan at our son has decided to create more havoc for me and my family.

My son has repeatidly kept her kids awake by playing on our trampoline up until 8 pm. (I accept this)

I dont consider that an unnacceptible time to be playing in our garden seeing as he is 13 years old.

Next step from the neighbor was to throw a used tampon in the garden, followed by dead mice her cat had caught.

Next was to drag her alcoholic mother in to wake us up at 2 am shouting abusive comments as my wife is scottish.

Now, said mother has thrown a brick at my car and dented the boot.

Ive had enough...called the police and she was arrested and had to make a statement under caution.

Is there any way (without me and my wife calling in family members) to try and finish this situation?

The bottom line is.... a lot of serious problems for our neighbour and me going back to somewhere I never wish to go again, or take another charge for GBH?

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Balaclava dark night, solid alibi. Sorted . just dont be daft about it. Or just get the scariest gorilla you know to be straight up front and warn them.
bad idea, even if its not you its obvious who it is.

i suggest you ask them whay they have a problem, listen and then see what they say.

if you have no joy mention you will call the police if you have to. video clips go down very well
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Cant see how you have done anything wrong..she sounds like a complete nut nut..and they aint easy to deal with.

Kids are kids..i dont think playing on a trampoline in the garden at 8 in the evening is unreasonable.

What sort of woman throws a jam rag over the fence?...sounds to me like she isnt metally stable look after kids...a complete wrongun.

I once had a troublesome drugged up headcase as a neighbour who took an instant dislike to us after the ol bill nicked him and he though it was us who grassed (it would have been because it involved ill treating a baby but someone else got there first)

All he wanted to do was bait me then have me nicked..we had all the intimidation..the ol bill advised me not to 'get involved' which is all well and good ..but they didnt have to live with all the stuff we did.

They told me his intentions...scum like that make me sick, he was peddling dope had an 'history' etc...lived outside the law but then wanted to go running to the law as soon as things kicked off

He was within two days of getting the stamping of his life and he got himself nicked and banged up

Im so glad I kept away

Mate..look after your family, dont go down 'the other route' people like that never stay anywhere very long they will be gone..probably with a couple of asbos.

Keep the ol bill on the case and use them..they will end up with an asbo youl keep your liberty
Asbo's are of little value,otherwise,good advice.

Afew years ago when younger, i would of been straight in there and got it sorted out my own way.

Now older, something similar happened to me (family) and i had to ignore and turn my back on them, i couldn't sleep becaused i'd not sorted it out myself, pride i suppose.

Within weeks, it was someone else's turn, then some one else, it was soon worked out the type of family they were.

They were soon gone.

Hold your horses for the moment.
Been there, done it etc.

Our previous lowlife neighbour caused us no end of problems.

I did it the right way with logs and records etc and mediation. Didn't work

I did it the wrong way, and got a caution for his kicking (I would have been in more trouble but no-one admitted to seeing anything :rolleyes: )

The next step was for me to spend 10 years alone in HMP Winson Green, or our family spend more time together in another house, so I chose the latter

With six months of us leaving, all four of the other neighbours did too. And we all lived happy ever after
You were lucky not to get the boot from RICS too, or a censure at least, for bringing disrepute on the profession...
Get up in the middle of the night and paint pedophile on their wall and i guarantee within a week they have to move :LOL:
round my way the mobs are semi-literate so they attack paediatricans and pedal-cyclists too.
some things work better on different people
i went around to kick my neighbours head in and he ran away and he was ok after that but then again it would provoke some people in to doing something stupid to get revenge so be carefull and think about it
tit for tat could end up outta control
i used to confront and have a go at anyone who wanted a go but now i resist as got my family to look after
but when pushed to the edge i reckon id loose it
if they do some thing really bad then have em done over big tim on the sly
send the undertaker to there house , to deal with there sad loss, :eek: that will get them thinking :eek:
Scum like these make me sick,my brother was in the same situation a couple of years back by a scumbag family where the car would be damaged,then his fence all in the middle of the night..shouting abuse not only at him and his family but other neighbors too....Asbos do not work in his case its just a waste of time.Anyhow it all come to a point where he came home from work one day and his daughter was in tears at the abuse from scum and co....he put on a pair of steel toe cap boots went to their house..kicked the front door in and went to attack the scum who ran for cover...he just seen red mist and it come to a boiling point...but problem solved and scum and co was never a probelm to him and his family again.....desperate poeple do desperate acts and this was a prime example....totally wrong and he agrees to it but he tried all the right things and was let down.
My mum got neighbours next door who from day one upset her,now i had a few words with them over a few months,but then they got nasty,and she got frightend of them,he knocked and demanded £50 or he would smash her window or maybe even find gunshots at her house,so i went to sort it out and i did sort it but it cost me 3 yr in jail,i got 6yr but done half,but his face when i come through his door was great
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