New Ceiling Fixture fitted, lights stay on, switch is off!?!

18 Jan 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone

I've replaced the bedroom light from a pendant which had a Phillips energy saver to a 3 candle LED bulb fixture which is connected to a LightwaveRF dimmer.

Before the change everything worked fine, I wired the fixture as the previous pendant was but as soon as inserted the bulb it came on, even though the switch is powered off.

I did have my home re-wired around a year or so ago so the wiring is all new but I can't for the life of me understand what's causing this problem and it's extremely annoying.

I'd appreciate any help or advice anyone could offer.

Many thanks
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Very likely you have terminated switch and permanent live incorrectly.
So probable cause would be, perm live terminated at live of fitting rather in the live loop. Some fittings don't come with a spare way for live loop and you need to use an additional connector to configure correctly.
Thanks for the replies.

Yes I do seem to have wired them incorrectly.

My only problem is all the wires are the same colour (brown, blue & yellow/green). How do I find out which is the switch wire to put into the loop?

Is That correct?
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does one of the blues have a bit of brown sleeving on it. That will be your switch wire.

Otherwise you'll be needing a multimeter and test for continuity across teh switch wires (power off, of course)
Is there a loft above?

If so, you could have a look and trace the cable.

Did one of the blues have it's end doubled over? If so, that could be the switch wire.

How did you wire it (just to be certain)?
My only problem is all the wires are the same colour (brown, blue & yellow/green). How do I find out which is the switch wire to put into the loop?
By noticing, before you remove them from the ceiling rose, that they aren't all connected together, and that therefore it would be a daft idea to connect them all together in the new light, and so it would be a good idea to mark which wire goes where.
Sparkwright- brilliant suggestion in it's simplicity - I thought of going into the loft before - I just didn't know why... Glad I hadn't finished boarding the loft otherwise I'd be buying a multimeter tomorrow!

I have traced the switch wire now - am going to put a bit of red tape over it.

Sheds- I'd already removed all the wires - I just assumed the pendant couldn't fit all the wires hence the number of connectors

Now to wire it up correctly - let's see how that goes 😁

Btw none of the wires had any brown or any other indicators that it was different to the rest of the wires
As soon as you inserted a bulb the light came on?

Isn't it more usual to install the fitting, install the lamp and then restore power to the circuit?

You didn't assume that by switching the light switch off it was safe to remove the ceiling fitting did you?! :!:
Lol no @ phatboy!!

I killed the electric at the mains, what I meant was when I flipped the switch back on I started screwing the new bulbs in and that's when it illuminated! I didn't think to screw the new bulbs in before turning the RCD back on.

Anyway, I've now wired the fixture correctly and i think I've wired it properly BUT unfortunately I have another problem 😡😡😡

Now the LEDs stay illuminated (but much more dimmer than at first), before they were on full power. I'm sure it's something else now as the switch wouldn't work at before but now it does and the LEDs do get much brighter

What is it with these LEDs?!? I had the same problem with my downlighters downstairs and ended up using a different type.

Any ideas chaps?

Btw many many thanks for the help so far everyone!
FWIW I replaced a 60w Tungsten lamp with a 4.8w LED. It refused to switch off!!! A CFL continually flashed with the switch off.

Ha! This has to be the switch, thought I. I replaced it with a new pull-cord switch, and then pulled the old one to bits. It was the original from when the place was built (around 1980), and the separation of the contacts (in the off position) was next to nothing. Whether by design or age, I will not speculate, but it was allowing sufficient current to pass to light the LED but not to illuminate the old GLS.
Try using a "normal" lamp and see what happens, also, check the packaging for the LED to see if it is dimmable.
Yes, I'm guessing it's the switch too! From what I've read it's probably in order to power 2 small indicators on the LightwaveRF dimmers.

I just knew I wouldn't be able to get the thing fitted and finished today 😁😁

Right so I need one of those little black resistor things and will have to wire that into the light fitting also - thanks Bernard.

Raptor- I don't a normal bulb to use - these are e14 ses candle LEDs & haven't ever used them anywhere before

Btw, with the same resistor / capacitor solve the flickering of LEDs downlighters when at full power too??

Also it says to use a sleeve over the bare wire- will earring sleeve do the trick? It seems a bit 'baggy' from what look to be very very thin pieces of wire....

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