New door in Stud Wall

15 Apr 2016
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United Kingdom
I'm fitting a new door in a timber stud wall. the wall is non load bearing as it infills a space which was previously widened and later closed back up again. there is an existing RSJ I beam above the stud wall carrying the load from above. my door will be around 150mm below the RSJ.

I want to minimize disruption to the in use kitchen where the door will link to a new lobby leading to the garage and WC.

My current plan is as follows: I have measured and marked up the wall on the garage side, and intend to cut through the plasterboard from that side.
I intend to install the new King studs and jack studs (are these necessary), Header and cripple.
I will then drill through the corners from the dirty side to accurately locate them from the clean kitchen side. only then will I go around and cut out the plasterboard from the occupied kitchen side.
I can then screw through from the kitchen side into the new studs so the existing plasterboard is properly fixed to the king and jack and head studs. Then I can fit the new door frame architrave and hang the new door.
Is there any reason this order of events is a bad idea?

I purchased a pre-made door frame. this is 106mm wide. the wall is 12.5 + 63 + 12.5mm = 88mm, therefore it is 18mm narrower than the door frame. I've been advised that I should trim down the frame on a table saw rather than packing out one or both sides of the wall. (I have a Ryobi so I can do this but the blade slips off the vertical which isn't great)

Is this the best course of action or does anyone have recommendations or suggestions?
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