New UPVC Windows making a whining noise when windy.

25 Jan 2012
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United Kingdom
Hi there,

I have had 7 windows installed April 2011 which are now making a whining noise when it is windy. It is main bedroom window, bathroom window and back bedroom window it's happening on. It does it too when you shut the doors to then open them quickly then shut them, repeat this and the windows make the same noise. It is very annoying when windy and in general.

Also the main bedroom window (the bedroom we sleep in) is suffering from condensation when it is cold outside, no trickle vents have been installed but the windows can be opened on the latch locked and when I leave them on the latch open through the night it does not cause the condensation. I am wondering if we should have had trickle vents fitted in the first place? Or is this a problem with cold spots/air coming through? They are casement windows.

Any ideas of what could be the cause? I do have the window company that fit them coming out to investigate the problem, but I am wondering if there is anyone out there that could give me some ideas for when they come.

cheers guys
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probably need resealing bedroom windows should have side opening fire escapes so could be the hinge side is not pulling in tight enough against the frame open the window slide a piece of paper in the gap between frame and sash and shut the window the seals should grip the paper this can be cured with some window wedges as for trickle vents as they are replacement windows then you do not need them remember with two adults sleeping in a room they produce 1.5 litres of moisture a night which is why it is worse in your room anyway just stick your head out and see if the sealant has cracked or come away all the way round
Thanks Pinnacle69 I will try the paper suggestion.

Also I would like to add that when the window installers removed the old windows they used an hammer and chizzle on the brick work bashing it to size for the replacement upvc double glazed frames to fit. Once the windows were fit you could see the side wall and gaps there. They covered with plastic upvc trim and sealed with caulk. Is this the correct way to install windows. It looked brutal with the hammer bashing and the gaps created in the brickwork at the side of the windows?

Cheers again guys.
unfortunately this is quite common with window fitters get em out get new one in fast as possible all gaps should be sealed before trims are fitted ideally with expanding foam but this takes time so they just stick trims over the gaps and seal but eventually they work loose and cause draughts was it a days work by any chance :confused:
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No it took them 1 and a half days to fit 2 doors and 7 windows. They are coming out on the 7th feb to investigate the whining noise which i can demonstrate by opening and closing the bedroom doors quickly.

I will mention that to the guy that comes out because without the expanding foam means i am going to constantly have this problem. I don't understand why they don't do a good job first time round.

Lets see if they rectify my problem or brush it off.
because if they work for one of the big companies safestyle anglian etc they get paid a percentage of what the job is worth so quicker it gets done more money but to be fair a lot of the time its the bosses on their back to get done quicker some fitters may be perfectly capable of doing a proper job if they had the time sometimes they just plain can't be bothered its just a job at the end of the day i would have taken three/four days to do the job properly on my own but all my work is from recommends not pressure sales
Yeah i know what you mean. I had a local window manufacturer do the job for me and there were 2 fitters. A lot of their work comes from recommendations and I have heard before that they are good, I also visited their showroom and workshop. They are certass registered, federation of master builders, give a 10yr warranty etc, so this is another reason why I chose them to do the work, plus I got it done at a decent price.

All I wanted was a good job doing in the first place so I do not have to bother them and get them out all the time
Yeah thats my luck lol.

Thanks for your help with this gives me some ammunition to use when they come to my house on the 7th feb.

I will update with the outcome once they have been :)
Yeah thats my luck lol.

Thanks for your help with this gives me some ammunition to use when they come to my house on the 7th feb.

I will update with the outcome once they have been :)

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