New water supply pipe, move meter

2 Dec 2012
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United Kingdom
In my early 70s semi, the water supply pipe is a black plastic one (looks 15mm ish) running from the stop tap in my driveway, through/under the concrete raft foundation of the house, and into the understairs cupboard into a water meter. Gas pipe is allegedly concreted in to the foundation so it wouldn't surprise me if the water was too.

At some point I am going to have a new drive put in and it'd be an ideal chance to upgrade the water pipe, although there's nothing wrong with the old one, it looks a bit thin compared to modern MDPE stuff, and I hear it's difficult to get fittings for the old black plastic pipe as well if there was a cock up.

I am planning on coming in just to the side of the front door, running just above the floor (boxed in) and through the stair case into the understairs cupboard (the stairs face the front door). I would like to move the stop tap and water meter to the boxed in bit by the front door, as the meter currently sticks right out in an awkward place (about testicle height)

If I were to dig the trench out from the stop tap up to the house, do I need to involve the water board or can any plumber do the connecting up bit? None of the work is in the highway if the existing stop tap can be used, as its about 2 foot up my drive.
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Needs to be min 750 mm deep.

In theory a Water Regs approved plumber can self certify but there are few of those.

So you should call the water co and let them see the new pipe in the open trench. They don't usually make a charge for them.

Fail to do it and they may make you dig it up again!

Depth isn't a worry, I work for a utility and make people lower their trenches occasionally, would be a bit embarrassing if I cocked that up!

So who would make the connection to the stop tap after the pipe has been inspected, the water board or a plumber? If it's the water board any idea if/how much they charge for the connecting up? (STWA)
If its ALL on your property then any water regs plumber can do it.

Or you can do it subject to an inspection by the water co.

So what utility do you work with?

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I work for the electricity board, so don't usually get far enough down to see water pipes!

Didn't realise I'd be able to do it myself, expected some regulation to stop me from doing so. Looks like I'll go with that idea then, get the water board to inspect and then sort the rest myself. Cheers!

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